Say Hey to Vacation! 7 Outfits to be Inspired With.

Hello everyone! We hope that you have been having a wonderful week and that you will be having even the better weekend! Do not forget to relax after the whole week. As a part of the relaxation, you can read a magazine, have a spa day, try journaling, drawing, watching some series or you can even read some fashion or beauty related articles online. For example, on our fashion blog! In today´s article, we will be presenting a few summer vacation outfits to be inspired with these weeks. The main pieces which we will be presenting today are summer dresses. You can also take it as a little guide of the most fashionable women clothing items to upgrade your wardrobe with. We really do hope that you will like this article. Do not forget to let us know in the comments if you liked any of the picked outfits. You can also share with us what are your favourite kinds of outfits to wear during the summer or any other vacation.

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Printed Floral Balloon Sleeve Off Shoulder Holiday Top

First way how to celebrate the upcoming warm, hot and humid summer days is to do with a patterned balloon sleeve off shoulder blouse. Light and breathable material which is this piece of clothing made from is just perfect for the humid summer weather. You will not feel very hot or sweat that much! For this purpose, we do recommend you the first fashion piece – Printed Floral Balloon Sleeve Off Shoulder Holiday Top. In the front, there is a vivid and colourful floral pattern which is very unique and interesting to look at. A good match for this blouse will be skinny jeans with wedged sandals.

Source: StyleWe

V neck Multicolor Swing Beach Holiday Short-Sleeve Asymmetric Maxi Dress

The second fashion which we will be presenting in this article is a light beach dress which brings the summer into your wardrobe immediately. We are talking about the V neck Multicolor Swing Beach Holiday Short-Sleeve Asymmetric Maxi Dress which has a really pretty folk-like looking pattern. The dress looks like a personification of the porcelain or something, do not you think? We really do like a combination of the white and vivid blue colour. It seems to be calming too. The dress has a deep V-style neckline with the short sleeves. It is made from 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex. While walking barefoot on the beach, this dress will surely take you to paradise.

Source: StyleWe

Pink A-Line Holiday Ruffled Lace Up Mini Dress

For the days when you will feel like going for a walk to a city centre or to grab some coffee with your best friend or a partner, you should wear something pretty but comfortable too. For this purpose, we do recommend you the cute Pink A-Line Holiday Ruffled Lace Up Mini Dress. Available in a light and sweet pink colour and made from the very light chiffon material. It also does have a pretty leaf pattern all over itself. Simple beige or light pink heeled sandals will be just perfect for this type of dress.

Source: StyleWe

Floral Elegant White A-Line Holiday Crew Neck Midi Dress

Another tip for the afternoons or evenings spent outside of the home is a Floral Elegant White A-Line Holiday Crew Neck Midi Dress which is a bit longer than the dress above. It also does have a brighter and colourful floral pattern. Tying it with a very thin belt in the middle will create a nice feminine silhouette from your body shape. For this dress, it will be just perfect to match it together with some small beige handbag (maybe with a similar vivid floral pattern) and with the simple white or beige high heels. You will surely be irresistible ♥ We do promise!

Source: StyleWe

Casual Holiday Blue Bell Sleeve Sheath Floral-Print Maxi Dress

If you are about to make some night out appointments, for example, a romantic date or a crazy girl night out, a long Casual Holiday Blue Bell Sleeve Sheath Floral-Print Maxi Dress is an ideal option for these events! In vivid blue colour and with wide bell sleeves, this dress looks not only pretty but just luxurious as a summer party dress. While wearing this piece of clothing, you surely will be considered a goddess of the whole place. The fabric belt is included.

Source: StyleWe

Bell Sleeve V Neck A-Line Holiday Lace Midi Dress

The sixth tip of our is this Bell Sleeve V Neck A-Line Holiday Lace Midi Dress which, you have to admit it as well, looks just perfectly delicate! For some women, it may also be a bit brave, but this piece looks just like a piece of fine art, don´t you think? This dress is available in three different colours – black, soft pink and yellow. In this dress, you will surely feel like a sophisticated elegant goddess too. The black variant of this dress has tiny colourful flowers on itself, this soft pink has the black tiny dots on itself and the last one, yellow, has the slightly purple flowers on itself.

Source: StyleWe

Green Chiffon A-Line Holiday Floral-Print Midi Dress

Since the green colour is considered as a calming one, why not included a dress in this colour in our outfit inspiration, right? For this purpose, we picked a Green Chiffon A-Line Holiday Floral-Print Midi Dress, which is in a lovely dark green colour. And you also have to admit that there is something calming about it. We can consider this dress like a bohemian style one. It is made from the combination of polyester and chiffon material. Ideal for the summer!


So we are at the end of this article. What do you think of our newest outfit inspiration? Did you find anything you would like to wear during the holidays too? What is your favourite summer vacation style? Let us know in the comment section below!

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