Five Fashion Rules to Throw Out the Window

For so long, the fashion elite have been dictating the rules of clothes, but how can we keep taking advice from people that don’t know our bodies as well as we do?

It goes without saying that we should be shopping and styling our wardrobe according to our body types, though it doesn’t make sense for others to tell us what we can and cannot wear when we know what we are comfortable with and what looks good on us.

So without further ado, here are five rules that we should stop following in order to fully embrace the fashionistas in us:

1. Only wear clothes that are in season

Florals should only be worn in spring and summer, while purples should be reserved for fall and darker hues for winter. Those are just some of the things we’ve all heard when it comes to dressing appropriately for the season, along with things like maxi skirts are only for warmer temperatures and OTKs are inappropriate beyond the winter months. However, the length of a maxi is perfect for shielding your legs from the wind chill, and celebrities have repeatedly paired their thigh high boots with slip dresses or tees and cut-offs, as shown on Who What Wear. So don’t be bogged down by the season.

2. Wear heels if you’re short and flats if you’re tall

There’s no doubt every woman has wished to be taller or shorter than they actually are, but your height shouldn’t stop you from wearing the footwear you desire. If you’re under 5’2 and can’t stand the pain of stilettos, there are plenty of flat shoes that work as beautiful alternatives for your outfit. If you’re 6’1, in heels and afraid you’ll intimidate the guys around you, forget them. You didn’t choose to wear your favorite pumps as an ego boost for them. Don’t ever deny yourself like that.

3. Bottom heavy girls should avoid printed pants and skirts

There’s no doubt that prints draw attention to whatever part of your body they’re located, but for so long, curvy ladies were told not to wear printed bottoms as they have a “widening” effect. But plus-size model Candice Huffine proves us otherwise in a video that’s been posted on the Style section of The Scene, as she dons a wide-leg polka dot pant with pockets at the hips. She explains, “When they’re perfectly tailored, they’re for you.”

4. All-black is only for funerals

Despite it being the color for mourning, wearing an all-black ensemble doesn’t mean you’re depressed, or that you’re emo or goth. It also doesn’t necessarily mean you want to look slimmer. There are a lot of assumptions surrounding a black outfit, but the truth is that it is a sophisticated color that can be worn at any time of the day and during any occasion.

5. Show off your legs or cleavage, never both

Cosmopolitan admits that even they haven’t abided by this guideline when styling their Cosmo girls, so why should they be the only ones who are the exception to this age-old rule? There are plenty of ways to flaunt both while still looking tasteful, believe it or not.

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