The Right Places To Apply Perfume

The Right Places To Apply Perfume

Ever wondered why your perfume won’t last for a day or even for an hour? You might be spraying them on the wrong places. There are a lot of spots that you think are the right place for those fragrances, but then again you got it all wrong. To make it easier for you, here are the appropriate places to spray your fragrances that will assure of a very sweet-smelling all day long.


When to Apply Perfume?

The best time to spritz your favorite fragrance is after taking a bath. During this phase, your pores are still open, giving enough space for the fragrance to sip in. Spray the perfume on your body, and not on your clothes. Spraying perfume on your clothes might cause watermarks, which may be very unflattering. Thus, be careful of this first rule.

Moving on, let’s discuss in details the specific body parts where you should apply your perfume.

Pulse Points

Of course, the most popular places to spray your fragrances are the pulse points. Why? It’s simply because these points exert extra heat from the blood vessels, and consequently the heat upsurges into the air. Thus, if you put perfume on those points, your fragrance will be more noticeable. The common pulse points in your body are the wrists, on the sides of your neck, behind the knees, and on the inner biceps. If you’re using an oil-based perfume, then don’t forget to dab the oil. However, if you have the alcohol-based perfume, be sure to hold the fragrance at least 5 inches away from you, and direct the nozzle towards your body. Don’t let the alcohol get into your skin because it might cause irritations, especially if you have a very sensitive skin.


In case you do not know, the hair is another important place if you want to have a fragrant aura from head to toe. Spraying your hair with perfume is definitely a nice way to keep those fragrances because you often move your head. The hair is sometimes victim of bad smell, especially if you have oily scalp. But by misting your strands with some fragrances, every person that gets closer to you will appreciate your aromatic charm. But always make sure to spray the scent from a distance because the chemicals may dry out your tresses, and eventually ruin your crowning glory. It’s much better to spray the perfume on your brush to avoid dryness.

Right Places To Apply Perfume

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If you are suffering from oily scalp, don’t worry because this hair product may be the only remedy. Clarifying shampoo is very useful for those dealing with oily roots as this particular product contains more cleaning agents than moisturizing ingredients. To know more about this amazing hair essential, check out this article: Why Should You Use A Clarifying Shampoo NOW?

On Top of the Ears

Not familiar, right? But yes, spraying scent on top of the ears is a nice place to sustain the fragrance. Instead of putting the perfume on your ear lobes, dab it on top of your ears as the skin on those areas can be oily. Actually, oily skins tend to hold better scent compared to the dry ones.


Did you know that adding petroleum jelly before spraying your perfume can make the smell last longer? It’s true because the scent sticks to the oiliness and even versatile actress Liv Tyler can attest to that. So, before you spritz your favorite cologne, don’t forget to put a little amount of petroleum jelly on your collarbone and entire décolletage area. No doubt, you’ll certainly turn heads with your captivating scent on the loose.

Right Places To Apply Perfume

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Aside from the fascinating use of this exceptional Vaseline product to your scent, there are several reasons why you should include this product in your beauty regimen. Check out why in this article: Is Vaseline Good for your Face?

Inside the Elbows

As part of the body with pulse points, the inside of the elbows is downright the right spot to dab your scent. The veins on such area flow closely to the skin, and consequently exude heat that helps in making the scent last longer. Make sure to put some scent on the inside of your elbows the next time you get a grip of a perfume.

Belly Button

The dip in your belly button will help the fragrance settle in for a while, making it a receptacle for the aroma. Hence this summer, add some scent on your belly button area, and certainly you’ll catch the attention of the crowd not just with your sexy midriff or swimwear.

Not yet ready with your swimwear collection? Here are some Gorgeous Swimsuit Ideas for Spring Break.

Down your Calves

Right Places To Apply Perfume

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Make use of the power of your perfume by giving your calves a spritz of scent. When you are active in working out, oftentimes you are surrounded with not-so-familiar smells. That is why you need make sure that your sweet scent should sustain you even if you’re running out of breath and sweating a lot. Reinvigorate your aroma by adding a dash of fragrance down your calves. Now, you can complete your workout without worrying about your scent. .


Last but not the least— the ankles. Ankles create friction because they are always in motion. The friction will help exude the scent in the most flattering way. So, before you wear your favorite pair of pumps, drop some blast of perfume.

Another valuable to tip…

Aside from those places, there is also another impressive way to make your scent long lasting. Layering of products from the same company line can effectively create an enduring smell throughout the day. You can start with a scented body gel. Then, don’t forget to treat your skin with a body lotion. Lastly, spray your favorite perfume. The combination of products from same line is definitely one of the easiest ways to maintain the fullness of your scent. And if you want, you can also add perfume on your clothing. But be sure to spray it from afar as the chemicals might clutch directly to the fabric causing unwanted watermarks. So, are you ready to conquer the runway with your captivating smell, from head to toe? We bet you are!




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