what to wear with flannel pants

Question & Answerwhat to wear with flannel pants
Sissel Staff asked 4 years ago

I am a man over 30s. I like to wear flannel pants. Do you have any excellent suggestions about how to wear them?

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Alexandra Banks answered 4 years ago

A1:When it comes time to going out, the flannel  pants is dressy enough to be worn with a classic shirt and tie combination accompanied with or without a blazer or sports jacket. Extra accessories such as pocket squares and lapel pins can also be used to adjust the formality of the occasion.

Amber Crawford answered 4 years ago

A2:f not wanting to wear a suit and blazer combination a slim cashmere jumper in navy, burgundy or forest green or a similar coloured roll neck is a great option to go with flannel pants.

Lucia Potter answered 4 years ago

A3:The joy of flannel trousers is that they look just as good without a jacket as they do with one and can be worn in a more relaxed style with a well fitted t-shirt, a casual collared shirt , or a knitted polo shirt.

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