what to wear with distressed jeans

Question & Answerwhat to wear with distressed jeans
Sissel Staff asked 4 years ago

These days the distressed jeans are become popular. I want to have a try and wonder what clothes should I choose to pair with them.

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Priscilla Johnson answered 4 years ago

A1:When combined with a pinstripe blouse and oversized plaid coat, these distressed jeans are perfect for a laid-back dinner and a movie night.

Alexandra Banks answered 4 years ago

A2:Pair distressed jeans with soft feminine colors to create an ensemble that is great for an afternoon spent out with your mom.

Miriam Gonzales answered 4 years ago

A3: For an afternoon of watching football with friends, touch base with your inner tomboy and combine a graphic sweatshirt with your distressed jeans.

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