what to wear with denim jacket winter

Question & Answerwhat to wear with denim jacket winter
Sissel Staff asked 4 years ago

I love to wear my denim jacket in all seasons. Do you know what kind of clothes should I choose to wear with my jacket in winter?

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Priscilla Johnson answered 4 years ago

A1:Go for several layers, such as a t-shirt, shirt, then denim jacket.

Amber Crawford answered 4 years ago

A2:You should wear it with boots and a fluffy scarf or snood.

Heather Reid answered 4 years ago

A3:You can go bold by picking a skirt with a pattern or go easy by wearing a solid color skirt. Simply wear a solid color shirt underneath your favorite denim jacket. Wear thermal leggings if it is too cold outside underneath your short skirt.

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