Queen Letizia: The Show-Stopping Fashion Style

Talking of Queen Letizia of Spain, the words that come to mind are ‘chic’ and ‘stylish’. No matter what event this Royal diva is attending, she seems flattering from every angle. Fashion style of Queen Letizia proves her a risk taker, who goes all the way out to choose her fashion picks in the most unconventional and chicest styles. 

Queen Letizia’s Fashion Evolution

Before getting married to King Felipe VI, she was just a TV reporter named Letizia Ortiz. First few years, after marriage, she was seen flaunting a royal conservative style. She was mostly seen in the outfits like demure gowns, pants and turtlenecks. This immense sense of styling that we all praise as well as pursue today, evolved gradually. Now she is known worldwide for her body-hugging outfits and trendsetting style. She’s often compared for her style, to the two of her royal contemporaries, Princess Kate Middleton of British Royal family and Denmark’s Princess Marry. But everyone concludes Queen Letizia is the most fashion-forward royal lady. Let’s try to explore her signature styles on various occasions.

Queen Letizia’s Classiest Styles!

#1. Queen Letizia Red carpet style

Source: Harper’s Bazaar


Source: pinterest.com

She has always got noticed on various high profile gala events. Not just because she is a beautiful queen, also because of the unforgettable appeal of all her classy outfits elevated by her trendy accessories. From her glitzy jewelry to top-of-the-line sandals, everything shows off her sophisticated style. Fashion style of Queen Letizia on many red-carpet events has left the world stunned. She loves to experiment with everything that is trendy, be it skirts, jumpsuits, blazers, pants or elegantly designed gowns.

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#2. Queen Letizia Street Style

Source: Harper’s Bazaar


Source: stylebistro.com

Her street style is casual and comfy with an air of class. Even in her casual dresses, she looks chic, with a sultry appeal. While walking in the street, she normally wears casual skirts, trousers; both skinny and loose, femininely styled jackets, take-anywhere handbags and comfortable shoes. The combo of these basic accessories adds a rocking style to her everyday streetstyle look.

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#3. Queen Letizia Formal Wear

Source: us.hola.com


Source: Harper’s Bazaar


Source: Pinterest

A royal family has to spend most of their hours attending formal social occasions. It requires a totally different style of dressing. Formal occasions are more about clothing like tuxedoes for men and embellished gowns for ladies (especially the evening events). For attending such events, Queen Letizia has her own sassy sense of style. She normally wears elegantly hued, waist-slimming gowns and the addition of her stunning gemstone Tiera elevates the whole look. Just like in the images below.

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#4. Queen Letizia Casual Dressing Style

Source: glamour.com


Source: dailymail.co.uk

Casual fashion style of Queen Letizia is both comfy and fashionable. Her everyday casual look is full of elegance. She has been spotted in print dress, mini dress, jumpsuit, fitted jacket, button down skirt, blazer, cocktail jacket, pea coat and a lot more. I just adore her black pencil skirt paired with that slimming shirt with leopard print. All her clothes are sewn to a standard of perfection. It gets hard to handpick the best of them all. Check out a few of her chicest looks in these images.

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#5. Queen Letizia Fashion-Forward Winter Look!

Source: popsugar.com


Source: ibtimes.co.uk

Winter is almost here and looking stylish in winter is not that easy. You have to follow the latest fashion trends to find the most fashion savvy outfits, to add glamour to your look. Even for fall/winter fashion, Queen Letizia can be the best inspiration. In a recent event of the opening of a training course at a secondary school, she was seen wearing an elegantly hued winter coat created with wool-blend fabric. Unlike her figure-hugging outfits, it was loosely-fit with simple silhouette and statement collar. Paired with white cigarette trousers, accessorized with a nude box clutch and nude colored strapped heels, it all gave her a standout style. Have a look and get inspired for the approaching winter. And you can also find all the necessary info about affordable versions of celebrity inspired winter outfits here, if you want.

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Queen Letizia Highness Repeats the Outfits Confidently!

She not only wears the trendiest clothes but repeats them every now and then, and that with immense confidence. A queen wearing and re-wearing her dresses, seems quite impossible, but in case of this royal diva, it’s true.

Fashion Accessories Queen Letizia Wears!

Each and every fashion accessory that she wears, becomes a source of inspiration for all the fashion freaks out there. Her most famous fashion items other than her glitzy jewelry include leather and metallic belts, headbands, exquisite clutches, her elegant solid and patterned scarves and so on. If you too want to wear these scarves in the trendiest way, get help from our article about ways to wear a scarf like a celebrity.

It’s impossible to cover her great sense of style in a single article. She is a picture of perfection, from head to toe. The way she dresses up, the complementary colors and above all the perfectly tailored clothes, all combine to give her the charisma of a Hollywood celebrity.

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