How to Plan a Family Camping Trip

How to Plan a Family Camping Trip

Going on a camping trip is quite a revitalizing and learning experience not only for kids, but for adults as well. Now that summer is quickly approaching, planning a camping trip easily goes to mind. While going on a camping trip is definitely a journey jampacked with adventures, planning a successful one requires time and effort. It is true that spontaneity is good in terms of trips like camping. However, when you are going on a camping trip with a bigger group, most especially including kids, careful planning is an absolute must. With a well-planned camping trip, you and your family will be able to make the most of every moment – with no hassle and stress included! Here are some easy tips to put on your planning checklist before going on a camping trip.


 Make a checklist of the things you and your family want to do during camping.

How to Plan a Family Camping Trip

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Sit down in the living room and have everyone list the activities they want to do during camping. For kids, it’s also nice to know what they expect in order for you to have an idea of what they want. Have everything organized and consider if a particular activity is practical for the entire family or not. In addition to this, it’s also wise to consider of these certain activities would require a particular budget.

Decide on what the best campsite location is for your family.

How to Plan a Family Camping Trip

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One important factor when it comes to deciding the best campsite location is if it suits the activities you have in mind. Does your family want to go biking? Then look for camping sites that have safe biking trails. If you have a list of campsites that you have in mind, there’s one more thing to do – do your research. To narrow your list down to one, you have to thoroughly research if the campsite is ideal. Is it safe? Would you need a certain permit for it? Is the place known for wild animals? In order to come up with the best campsite location, you have to consider these things.

Prepare a packing list.

Just like in any other trip, you have to decide on what to pack. Be careful not to over pack but be careful not to forget the essentials too! Making a packing list makes everything organized this is why it is highly recommended.

Plan your meals ahead of time.

How to Plan a Family Camping Trip

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This is very important, of course! You don’t want to go camping with an empty stomach, right? You also do not want to just live on potato chips and canned goods for everybody. To make it more enjoyable, think of delicious meals that are easy to do. You can bring raw food and grill there or make some healthy sandwiches that everyone can enjoy in between activities. Want a bit of kick especially for the adults? Check out these refreshing cocktails you can try: 10 Easy Spring Cocktails You Should Definitely Try at Home

Check the weather forecast on the day of your camping.

It is true that you have to truly prepare yourself for basically everything when it comes to camping! We are not saying that checking the weather will solve everything, but at least it can give you an idea on when is the best time to hold your camping trip. You don’t want rain drizzles while camping or else you’ll be dealing with a lot of mud!

 Make sure you have packed everything you need. Don’t leave the essentials behind!

Before leaving, go over your packing list once more to make sure you have everything you need. Campsites are often far from the supermarket or the gas station, so getting your hands to necessities might not come quite easy. Bring clean water, mosquito repellants, tent, sleeping bag, etc. You have to be very detailed or else you’ll be stressing out during your trip.

Find a relaxing spot.

How to Plan a Family Camping Trip

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Once you get to the campsite location, you now have to choose the best camping spot. Be careful in choosing your camping spot. Make sure it is relaxing and safe. Check the ground soil as well to see if it’s a great place to set your tent up. Remember, you are dealing with a lot of nature while camping so you have to be more careful.

Think about fun and exciting activities that everyone will enjoy.

How to Plan a Family Camping Trip

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Do not focus on yourself when it comes to doing camping activities. Try to come up with activities that you can enjoy doing together as a family. It can be fishing, biking or swimming – whichever you find safe and enjoyable. In addition to this, remember not to exhaust yourself too much on a single activity. Camping should be relaxing and fun. Do not let exhaustion stop you from enjoying your camping trip!

After eating, don’t forget to store your food in sealed containers.

How to Plan a Family Camping Trip

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Do not leave food exposed while camping! Remember that you are outdoors and you are surrounded by nature. Nature means ants and other insects that can mess up with your food. Bring air-tight storage containers to keep your food fresh and clean.

Enjoy, have fun and spend some quality time together.

A family camping trip is all about spending some time together and strengthening relationships. Do not let this journey be all about one person. Let everyone have fun and get everybody involved! Don’t forget to spend some quality time. One great idea is to light up a bonfire to set up the mood. Roast some marshmallows too! Read more: 5 Healthy Homemade Marshmallow Recipes

We hope you find these tips helpful in planning your next camping trip with your family. Going on a camping trip is definitely an inexpensive but highly enjoyable activity. Always remember that some things may probably not go to how exactly it was initially planned but, despite things out of your control, the goal is to have fun. Be ready to embrace new adventures and take note of both the good and the bad! Learn from them and always remember to enjoy every bit of it! read more about travels here: Travelling Around the World with Heidi Hetzer

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