5 Steps Know How: Perfecting Your Everyday Makeup Look

The “No Makeup Makeup Look” became a huge trend on social media, specifically within beauty gurus on YouTube. Browsing through this video sharing site, you would come across “No Makeup Makeup Look” or “Everyday Makeup Look” tutorials that would last for around 20 minutes (considering that these videos are edited!).

What we want to share are the tricks and tips in Perfecting your Everyday Makeup Look. Regardless of how many minutes or hours you spend on makeup, these makeup tips have got you covered on how to rock your natural look like never before!

Step #1: Choose a Lightweight Foundation


Your foundation is going to sit onto your skin for a long period of time. Lightweight foundations would let your skin breathe while also giving you light to medium coverage. Check out A Comprehensive Guide to Best foundations for Mature Skin.

Tip: If you don’t have too much blemishes to cover, CC creams or tinted moisturizers are better options for your face makeup. They are sheer and lightweight which decreases the chances of creasing or caking onto your skin.

Step #2: Go for Neutral Eyeshadow Shades

Browns and Rose Pinks are the safest shades on a daily basis. Choose the kind of warm shades that will suit your skin tone. Also, palette should contain light shimmery shades for inner corners and matte browns to define your crease. You can also use that perfect matte brown in palette for  brows! Check out 5 Eye Creams and Serums for Dark Circles and Wrinkles.

Tip: If you have got no time to blend, just take a golden brown shade (or shimmery ones) and use fingers to apply it all over the crease. This gives your eyes an instant pop of color!

Step #3: Blush and Strobe

Perfecting Your Everyday Makeup Look

A subtle peach or pink shade would add a natural flush of color onto the cheeks.  Highlighting is needed to emphasize strong facial features. Brush champagne gold highlighter onto cheekbones, nose bridge, chin and cupid’s bow and you’re all set!

Tip: Cream blushers are the bomb! It won’t cake over your foundation while also gives a natural dewy finish to top off your everyday makeup look! How to Clean Makeup Brushes? Click here.

Step #4: Find your Perfect MLBB Lipstick

Perfecting Your Everyday Makeup Look

MLBB stands for “My Lips But Better”. MLBB lipsticks vary depending on an individual’s skin tone, but these shades should be somewhere within peachy pinks or nude browns.

Tip: Choose a non-drying MLBB lipstick. This can be matte but with a moisturizing formula or a satin-finish lipstick. Finding a hydrating lipstick prevents chapped lips and lets you skip lip balm too!

Step #5: Primers and Setting Sprays keep all that makeup hanging

Perfecting Your Everyday Makeup Look

Primers have a sebum-controlling formulation which prevents the skin from oiling up. Setting sprays has microfine powder ingredients that helps seal all the makeup in and keeps it intact for a long time.

Tip: Prior to applying primer onto your skin, make sure that you have toned and wiped all of the remaining oil from skin. Then wait for at least 3 minutes to seep deep within the skin before proceeding to foundation.

Piece of cake, right? Those are the 5 easy steps along with key tricks to perfect your Everyday Makeup routine. Always remember that your daily makeup look shouldn’t be like a mask to change your overall appearance. Everyday makeup is meant to enhance your natural features and highlight your face’s best assets! More makeup ideas? Check out 10 Steps to A Vintage MakeupThe Office-Appropriate Makeup Looks To TryBest YouTube Makeup Tutorials for Older Women

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