How to Have a Perfect, Hassle-Free Road Trip

How to Have a Perfect, Hassle-Free Road Trip

Summer is here and it’s that perfect time again to plan a road trip. As the weather becomes a bit friendlier, road trips become more and more ideal especially among friends. It’s a kind of a unique, spontaneous journey that you share with people in order to have fun while strengthening relationships. In addition to that, road trips can leave you footprints of great memories to share and go back to. However, it is true that road trips can either be a fun journey or a disaster. We are pretty sure you have already heard your fair share of road trip horror stories! Well, in this article, we would like to share some tips in order for you and your friends to experience the perfect road trip. No hassle, no stress – only fun, friendship and excitement! If you feel like planning a road trip with your group of friends soon, here’s an article you shouldn’t miss.


How to Have a Perfect, Hassle-Free Road Trip?

Plan your Road Trip Stopovers ahead of Time

How to Have a Perfect, Hassle-Free Road Trip

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One way to have you road trip organized is to plan your road stopovers ahead of time. It’s nice to have the places planned in order to save time. Of course, being spontaneous is a part of amazing road trips and your plan shouldn’t really stop you from making stops. However, having your mind set into a certain place gives your group a goal. This way, it all saves you time by not making too much random stops. A fun road trip is all about long drives anyway, so the essence of your actual trip happens inside the car. Having too many stopovers may end up having you too tired to drive.

Organize your Expenses

You don’t really have to book into a luxurious 5-star hotel or dine in a fancy dining restaurant for a road trip. In fact, road trips do not require so much money for it to be fun! But then again, it’s always wise to organize your expenses to prevent over spending. It is also safe to have some money kept for emergency use. If you are planning to do several activities that would require money during your multiple stops, allocate the right budget for it. It is always ideal to have control over you budget in order to avoid unnecessary problems.

Save some Bucks and Pack your own Meal and Snacks!

Just like what was previously mentioned, you do not have to spend so much on food while on road trip. Pack healthy snacks that you can eat along the way as well as packed meals you can eat on certain places. If you are planning to have a quick picnic on the mountain side, then have a bunch of do-it-yourself sandwiches with you.

How to Have a Perfect, Hassle-Free Road Trip

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It’s great to pack something healthy during a road trip since most of the foods you will get during your stopovers are junk foods from gas stations or fast food diners. Read 20 Foods to De-stress yourself

Do a thorough Car Engine check before you leave

This is very very important and we can’t stress that more than enough! We are pretty sure you have already seen it in the movies where a whole road trip goes wrong because their car broke down. Nobody wants anything like that to happen, right? So in order to prevent such thing from happening, have your engine thoroughly checked before leaving on a road trip. A road trip requires very long drives and not all types of engine problems can be fixed in a short amount of time. In line with this, you should also have your car toolkit ready with you just in case.

Prepare an Entertaining Music Playlist

How to Have a Perfect, Hassle-Free Road Trip

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Music is everything! A lot of us love playing music in the car just to keep us entertained along the way. If you are going on a road trip with your friends, create a playlist of your jams to keep you out of boredom. Your playlist can be a mix of you and your friends’ favorite songs or a bunch of songs that gets you into a relaxed and chill mood. If you have enough space in your car, you can also have a friend in the backseat to play some guitar and have everyone sing along.

Make a Few Stops and Appreciate the View

As you drive along, you will definitely come across very beautiful sceneries. We know you have carefully planned your road trip stopovers, but a quick look on a beautiful view won’t hurt. After all, road trips are about being spontaneous in a way that only 5/10 of the plan happens! Watch the sunset or take a quick look to the sea. It’s all up to you!

Capture Moments. Take your Camera or Polaroid to take Pictures!

How to Have a Perfect, Hassle-Free Road Trip

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Let’s ditch your smart phones for a moment. While your iPhone has a really good camera, it’s good to switch things up for a change. Take your camera or Polaroid Instax and take photos to capture every treasured moment.

Make sure everything is smooth on your way Home.

How to Have a Perfect, Hassle-Free Road Trip

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Once the whole trip is over, make sure that everyone had fun and that everyone’s relaxed. As for the driver, make sure he or she got enough rest in order to safely drive along the way. We know that drinking is fun but as you are on a road trip, be responsible enough – Do not drink and drive.

Have you ever had your own road trip yet? We do hope that after reading this article, you are no longer clueless on how to plan your road trip with your friends. Always remember that an experience such as a road trip shouldn’t be something that stresses you out! Everything should be hassle-free and every single activity should be about working together as a team. You can either choose to have your friends help for a certain activity or designate roles in order to make everything organized. Be spontaneous and have fun! Treasure every moment with your friends and learn amazing things along the way.  More about Travel plans? Read 10 Hottest Travel Destinations of 2017

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