Party Planning: Style For an Elegant French Dessert Party

If you are a fan of everything French and everything that is basically Parisian entices the wholeness out of you, then you are going to love French Dessert Parties. It is not the usual gatherings wherein you get a whole meal buffet catering happening or when your visitors just randomly barge in jeans. Of course, if you are planning to do something classy and elegant, inspired from the sophisticated French culture, you can never miss out on planning an authentic French dessert party.

French Dessert Party Planning:

Pick a Refreshing Sweet Wine or Champagne

 French Dessert Party

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A complimentary glass of wine is a perfect pair for any French dessert. A delightful drink such as wine or champagne is a great way to impress your attendees as well. White or sparkling wine is more recommended rather than red wine, since red wine is usually paired for dinner courses. Or if you want to DIY, check out Bloody Mary Recipe, Mojito RecipeIt’s always enjoyable when preparing for the best.

Send Out a Classy Invitation

 French Dessert Party

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An elegant soiree requires classy invitations. You don’t think people will actually show up to your French dessert party if you send them plain cards. Your invitation is going to mark an impression to the attendee as the invitation card alone will let him or her know what kind of gathering it would be. You can take inspiration from French-inspired wedding invitation cards for you to have an idea what kind of envelope and format to embrace.

Prepare an Elegant Table Setting

 French Dessert Party

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It’s time to shop for silverwares and porcelain plates! Depending on the theme that you are going for, try to go for a color-coordinated theme that will match your table or tablecloth. Also, don’t forget to add in some height to your tables by getting some cake stands. A cake or dessert stand will allow more room for your bountiful desserts, not to mention that it looks quite classy too!

Make a Dessert Plan

 French Dessert Party


Make sure to plan the desserts you are about to serve carefully. In French dessert parties, you can’t just serve random desserts like chocolate ice cream, s’mores or doughnuts! Of course, once you go for a French inspired dessert party, you would consider serving macarons, fruit parfait, pain au chocolat and crème brûlées, or even Chicken Dip.

Don’t Forget to Serve Up Some Fresh Fruits

 French Dessert Party


Slices of fresh fruits are essential to freshen up everyone’s palates. After all that sweet whipped creams and cakes, you may want something fresh to reinvigorate your attendees. You can simply serve them chilled or if you have a bit of extra time to spare, you may want to make a fruit cocktail served in small martini glasses.

Setup a French Fashion Dress Code

party dresses

Vintage Sleeveless Floral Print Stand Collar Maxi Dress

party dresses

Pink Stand Collar Sleeveless Jacquard A-line Midi Dress

Make sure you state the dress code in your invitation so the attendees would know what to wear. Of course, you don’t have to look extremely formal nor vintage. Try to experiment on how to modernize the classic French fashion or you can check out Chic French Girl Fashion Guide. Go for elegant dresses that embrace a casual and formal at the same time. You don’t have to look quite extravagant. Just remember to wear something comfortable but presentable.

The Beauty of Planning Everything Ahead of Time

Everything needs preparation. Although a French dessert party is quite a small, intimate event, it needs some decent planning for it to be memorable for everybody. A dessert party can happen in a certain venue or even in your very own home! You only need to remember a couple of things for you to perfectly carry it out without fail.

Hopefully, our tips on how to plan your French dessert party helped you out! It is not as difficult as it seems. In fact, it is actually a great way to celebrate and socialize in style!

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