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Hello everyone! Long time no see! Happy New Year to all of you! The year 2020 is finally over and we already have 2021 here. New beginnings, new inspiration, new motivation to do something, to try something new, to work on ourselves. Even if the pandemic state is still not good and there are lockdowns all over the world, we have to keep a positive mindset and try to find joy in everything. Positive thinking will make your mind at peace.

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And since most of us are at home, we can start to learn new things and start to fulfil our New Year´s resolutions. What did you wish for? What were the things you wanted to accomplish? What keeps you away from getting the body you’ve always wanted? Positive mindset, focus, motivation, determination and self-love are everything in this field.

There are many different ways how to motivate yourself and how to keep yourself up with your fitness journey. However, nothing is complex and every single person is unique themselves. You need to find stuff what motivates you the most and hold on it!

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For example, many people are motivated more to work out – or to do anything else – if they visualize their goals. You can print some body shape inspiration pictures and place it around your place so you will be constantly motivated to reach your goal. Or you can learn to cook and bake new tasty, yet healthy recipes.

Create a reward system for yourself if you reach your dreamy weight. Ask your friends to work out with you together. Let’s undergo some challenges with them. Go for a walk. Exchange the lift for the stairs. Buy some pretty working out clothes. Try out some new sports!

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Diet will only provide you with short-term results. These drastic eating changes are not beneficial for your weight, health nor the mind. You will only be nervous and frustrated by the restrictions and counting the calories you are about to eat.

Many diets do not include from-time-to-time snacks either which make you binge a lot at the end of the diet. In general, these eating habits are not sustainable and you will eventually go back to your previous eating habits.

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Also, the infamous yoyo-effects can appear after dieting as well since you may eat even more than you were used to. Most of the time, a person feels hungry during restricted eating and this state of mind also reflects on their habits and moods.

Switching moods, problems with sleeping, irritation, fatigue, headache and many more are the symptoms you can experience while dieting.

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Losing weight is about making a sacrifice. It is not only about restraining yourself for a while. You have to adapt a completely new and sustainable lifestyle. The best way how to do it is slowly. Try to limit soda intake, sugar intake, snacks, junk food etc.

You do not have to do all at once. Just slowly – step by step. Maybe week by week. Let your body adapt and get used to new changes you are making. Do not be too strict or over-motivated. It will not do you good at all.

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Do you have an Instagram account? If the answer is yes, keep yourself motivated even there! You can do so by searching for some fitness trainers or people who are fond of exercising and browse their account for inspiration and motivation.

Many of them do not only post their fitness pictures but also creates some easy workout to follow and recipes to cook or bake. Also, you can find more people who are on the same journey as you are and you can keep each other motivated as well.

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Working out can be done properly at home as well! Do not listen to people who say it is not possible. There are plenty of workouts and video workouts online to follow. You just need to choose the right one especially for you. Also, be sure to follow ONLY the people who do now, what they are doing.

Do not sign up for any program or membership if the fitness trainer is not qualified. Be sure to follow along only people, who have their fitness degree or a certificate. You surely do not want to work out with people who have no idea, what they are doing, right?

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It is also very VERY important to enjoy what you are doing. If you do not like a certain type of workout, there is a chance you will be unmotivated by doing that after a longer period of time. Start with light cardio, add a few weight afterwards. Yoga and pilates are great exercises for the whole body toning with your own weight.

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They are also overall good for your flexibility, mobility and health. While doing yoga or pilates, you will also improve your breathing techniques. Both of these forms of exercises may seem not to be that difficult at the beginning, but we promise you that most of the time you will challenge yourself and you will need to push further! But it will pay off, eventually!

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And this is it, for today’s article. Did you enjoy reading it? Do you like this kind of motivational posts? And what about you – do you have any favourite form of exercise you like to do in your free time? Do you usually train at home? What keeps you motivated to work on yourself harder every single day? Let us know in the comments below and share with us some of your tips! Can´t wait to read them ~

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Have a nice day and see you soon in the next article, bye ~

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