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New Etiquette Of Office Look

We know how tough these days from Monday to Friday in the office. You cannot wear your favorite denim nor you can wear that attractive, sexy top or a cool look with a loose fitting shirt. You need to be suited and dressed up in a manner that sometimes go beyond the comfort zone.Thanks to this new modern outlook in offices that give you some space to wear outfit with a comfortable, yet professional way. You do not need to dress up like a robot now like before, although it becomes tougher for working women choosing to be professional, at the same time, cool and attractive. Let’s have a look at some old office outfit that can be changed to a cool one with some minor changes.

#1 Colorful dress or not?

Old etiquette: Wearing colorful dresses are just too unprofessional.

New etiquette: There’s nothing wrong in playing with colors in a sensible way.

Dress suggestion: Try not wearing too many colors in one outfit as it may look really unprofessional. However, you always have options to choose like a single color official mid-length top with formal pockets that flatters your body shape and at the same time, keep it official.

#2 Mix & Match

Old etiquette: Don’t bring too much variety in your dresses.

New etiquette: You always have options to wear the same thing in a different way every office day.

Dress suggestion: Bored of wearing the same office blazer again and again? Let’s add some spice in your everyday look. You can choose to wear different blouses or replace pants with skirts and little variation in detail in the shirt is actually allowed. Read about The Ultimate Fashion Guide: Mix & Match.

#3 Wearing Accessories

Old etiquette: Wearing accessories can ruin the formal look.

New etiquette: A statement piece can make you look stylish and attractive in the office.

Dress suggestion: A statement piece will not only make you look beautiful and stylish, but also it will make you attractive in presentation or office meeting. You must be careful while choosing this piece as you surely should avoid anything chunky or something that only creates noise in the office. Choose something elegant, for example, belts. After all, nobody wants to get fired because of her outfit. Read about Complete Your Look with The Most Trending Jewelry.

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