Naked Cake for Wedding

All You Want to know about Naked Cake for Wedding

Our weddings are incomplete without wedding cakes. It’s a tradition that is being followed since ages. Even today weddings seem impossible without cakes. In the past few years, we have noticed some evident changes in cakes’ style. The traditional outer layer of icing and buttercream is replaced by round and exposed sides. Bare cake trend is quite in, these days. From celebrities to common people everyone who wants something untraditional, opts for a naked wedding cake.

What is a Naked Cake?

Naked Cake for Wedding

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A naked cake is an unfrosted cake that comes without any icing, fondant or buttercream to cover it. The cake has exposed layers. For decoration, natural and organic elements like jumble of fresh fruits, flowers, nuts, figs and succulents can be used. For a simpler look, a bare cake can be garnished with melted salter caramel. You would hardly find any décor of gum paste on them. The beauty of these nude cakes lies in the display of the real texture as well as in the colors used inside. Two tiers, three or four tiers, the naked cake looks amazing in each style. There is no limitation of flavors. Opt for any that you like.  Most of the credit of introducing this eye-catching wedding dessert goes to Christina Tosi, a chef and the owner of the famous Milk Bar.

Simply Rustic!

A bare wedding cake is considered perfect for a rustic wedding theme. The colors, the organic appearance and the style, everything seems perfect for a rustic or country-inspired wedding. [Read here: 10 Most Beautiful and Easy Cookie Recipe to Add to your Christmas Plan.]

Naked Cake for Wedding

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Unlimited Color Choices

An unfrosted wedding cake comes with so many options of look and colors. There are some who want to stick to the organic feel and prefer a naked wedding cake in its natural color (natural cakes are carrot cake, vanilla and hummingbird). Contrary to that, if you want your nude cake to be in accordance with some wedding theme color, you can get that with food coloring dye. The best example is a red velvet cake.

How to Make Naked Cake?

Apparently, a nude cake seems easy to prepare because of its frosting-free look. But that is not true. Preparing something that not just tastes delicious but seems appealing to eyes, requires more skill and time on baker’s part. Let’s try to find out, what basic procedure, bakers have to undergo to create something this exciting. Following are the basic steps that you have to take, to get the best outcome.

  • Prepare your pan well. This should be greased up in the best manner. The batter should be poured evenly. For a nude wedding cake, it is essential to get the sponge of cake out with smooth (no crisp) and round sides (without any damage). As the beauty of a naked cake lies in its sides.

Note: Bake the cake(s) according to the number of tiers you are going to have. One pan gives you two simple tiers after cutting.

  • As you get your cake safely out of that oily and floured pan, leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes for cooling down. Once it is cooled, wrap it in some plastic sheet and store in the freezer for 4 to 6 hours at least. We recommend freezing, because it makes the tricky steps of cutting or handling the cake, easier.
  • Now get it out of freezer to start the final process.
  • In case, your cake is not baked evenly, you need to cut the raised hump on the top with a sharp knife.
  • Measure the cake accurately to determine the center point. Now cut the cake from the center to get two equally sized slices. Much of a naked cake’s beauty depends on the evenness and stability of the layers. There are many ways to cut the cake evenly—cutting tools are available, use a sharp knife (if you are expert enough) and using toothpicks is another common way.
Naked Cake for Wedding

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  • Drying out is the biggest problem of nude cakes. To prevent it from getting dried before the final hour, brush it up with plain or flavored syrup. Avoid overdoing it otherwise it can get mushy.
  • Now place the first piece on a cake plate and start the stacking and filling process. What flavor you are using for buttercream, depends on your own preferences.
  • Keep filling and layering the cakes one on one. Using a piping bag promises the neatest layering. Once you are done with filling, even out the gaps with frostings (if you find any). Make sure you are not covering the exposed sides of the cakes.

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  • Now comes the final stage of garnishing. Most of the time, garnishing depends on the type of wedding or the main wedding theme. The trendiest way is to décor the naked cake with flowers, both sugared or fresh. Using fresh and colorful fruits (berries) for garnishing, promises a flattering look from every angle. Those who like a more offbeat look, simply pour down caramel and chocolate syrup over it and give the final touches with the sprinkling of icing sugar.
Naked Cake for Wedding

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Things to Remember!

  • Icing or buttercream tends to cover a cake and saves it from getting stale. But that’s not the case with a naked cake. A cake with their layers exposed is more at the risk of getting dried. It is advised to stack the cake 24 hours before the final serving. Or if someone is an expert, he/she could do it on the very day of event.
  • The top most part of the cake should be evenest of all. So, make sure to use the bottom part (flattest) for the top and the top part for the bottom.
  • To get the best result, try to keep it simple. Overfilling the cake can make it unstable particularly in the warmer weather.

Conclusion: An unfrosted wedding cake is a trend that is here to stay. For a rustic-chic wedding, there could be no better option. All you need is to be a bit technical about the base, top and sides, to get a beautiful nude cake. [Read here: 7 Steps to Easy Pancake Recipe.]

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