Must Have Top 10 Summer Bikinis for 2018

It has been already a few weeks since we had there the first summer day of this year. And it has been already a few weeks already since a new month, July, officially started! Those days are flowing during the summer and holidays as crazy, are not they? Do you feel the same too? On the other side it is said that when people have more time to do what they love or enjoying holidays, days seem to be diametrally different. It feels like they are even shorter and shorter. Well, what would we exchange for this fact to be true at our work, right?

Let´s go back to talking about a vacation mood. What about the swimming? Some people love this activity so much that they can´t even imagine their free time without it. Especially when going or staying somewhere near the beach during these months. This magical place is just calling and luring us to go and try the water. It does not matter if you were already born as a swimmer or not. Even those people who can´t actually swim will at least go to soak their feet and legs. It is just an awesome feeling which can a sea creates in our hearts.

But to be able to start to spend your free time on the beach, you have to also adjust your clothes and style for this. Yes! Now you are probably for 100% sure what do we are talking about. In a word – swimwear! If you still do not know what to wear and what is trendy this year, do not panic! We are here for you to help you. In the paragraphs below, we created the most fashionable swimwear and bikini guide which are simply the must-haves of this year´s summer! Which are your the most favourite ones? Let us know in the comments!

Must Have Top Bikini For 2018

Source: Cosmopolitan

Girly and romantic floral pattern
Do you like flowers and natural pattern? In the case of you answering „yes“, this is the ultimate way for you to go. The floral pattern is one of the best and favourite ones. You can see it everywhere. It looks pretty, girly, innocent and it might be pretty colourful too what means that it is suitable for the playful people as well.

Must Have Top Bikini For 2018

Source: Pinterest

Polka dot and high-waisted
It seems like vintage and retro style are coming back more and more. But who would not like the immortal polka-dot pattern or a high-waisted bikini, right? Dot pattern will take you back in time and you will feel like one of the most famous retro celebrities back then. Also, high-waisted bikini may not only look sexy, but they can help in case you would like to cover your belly a bit too. Wearing the higher bottoms will make you look slimmer, do not forget it!

Must Have Top Bikini For 2018

Source: Pop Sugar

Juicy summer with a fruit pattern
Do you ask how to express a love towards the fruit with the clothes? The answer is simple – try to express it through the swimwear! The most popular fruit pattern are currently sour lemon, sweet pineapple, funny banana or a cute strawberry. And do not forget to match them for example with the bags of the fruit shapes! You will look like a real fruit queen, promise. Even Kylie Jenner loves them!

Must Have Top Bikini For 2018

Source: E Online

Velvet is back again
Yes, the velvet material is very still popular and fancy. It a really soft material fine to touch. There were many clothing items made out of this material but none of them was the swimwear. Not up until now. If you like trying something new, elegant and feminine, the velvet bikini trend is definitely for you.

Must Have Top Bikini For 2018

Source: Olivia Culpo

Gingham is the way
Who would not notice the gingham pattern slowly becoming one of the most favourite ones this year, right? Especially on the dresses and skirts. If you are a real fashionista, you probably have at least one piece with this pattern in your closet. Gingham bikinis are one of the hottest summer trends of 2018.

Must Have Top Bikini For 2018

Source: Andi Bagus

Pretty and delicate crochet swimwear
Soft crochet tops of the bikini were very popular a few years ago but it seems to be the truth that they are coming back this year again. Usually, there is only white, black or beige crochet available. On the other side, these colours are very easy to match with any other clothing pieces. In many cases, the crochet may also look like a soft lace what means it will make you look hotter too! And by the way, who said you can only wear these tops on the beach? You can simply wear them with skirts or shorts too!

Stripes, stripes everywhere
This is one of the most basic and oldest patterns ever, suitable for almost every single body shape. They can make your body look slimmer, but also thicker, so be aware of what kind of stripes do you want to have on your bikinis. Keep in mind, that vertical stripes can actually slimmer your body and you will be looking taller too. The horizontal ones can, on the contrary, make your body look thicker and smaller.

Must Have Top Bikini For 2018

Source: Pinterest

Tie it up!
Another interesting trend of this year´s summer bikinis is definitely a tying. In the front, in the back, on the side, on the shoulder… It actually does not matter where as long as there some tying is. And a small advice in the end – be sure to tie it up properly 😊

Source: Pinterest

With all of this said, you won´t be the queen of the whole beach just because of the swimwear! Do not forget about the stylish and trendy summer 2018 accessories which will help you to reach the top. Of course, one of the hottest summer accessories are definitely sunglasses.

But sometimes it might be very hard to find the right ones for your shape of the head. Maybe you like them very much, but when you actually wear them, they do not suit you at all. If you need help with picking the right ones, we can help you with our guide on how to choose sunglasses according to your face.

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