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5 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs Share their Secrets to Success

In today’s world, women are playing a critical role in every aspect. Audrey Hepburn made her trip with UNICEF to Ethiopia; many step up in the pave to being a fashion designer;  or like Vanessa Redgrave shooting for Gucci’s latest Campaign at an age of 79. There are some inspirational women choosing to start their own business and making it a success.  In this article, we are going to talk about some of the biggest female entrepreneurs of today and share their own success stories.

5 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs:

#1 Leslie Blodgett (CEO, Bare Escentuals)

 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs

Source: Fashion Institute of Technology

We owe all our luxurious mineral makeup to the queen who made the mineral cosmetics industry a billion dollar empire. Leslie Blodgett, 53, had humble beginnings in starting up her own mineral makeup line, Bare Escentuals. In 1994, she became the CEO of Bare Escentuals which was a small company back then. In fact, she started selling her mineral cosmetics at QVC. But now, what seems to be a very humble brand has become a billion dollar empire in the beauty industry. Bare Escentuals got sold to Shiseido, one of the biggest beauty companies in Japan, for a whopping $1.6 billion! This makes Leslie Blodgett’s net worth around $400 million.

Secrets to Success: I believe beauty can change the world.”

 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs

Source: Beautylish

Leslie believed in beauty and indeed, she changed the industry big time. According to an interview with Glamour.com, Leslie expressed her love for beauty and cosmetics ever since she was young. She come up with an idea and went with it all throughout her journey. Leslie mentioned in an interview that she saw a huge business opportunity in making healthy makeup that won’t aggravate the skin. She did thorough research in which she spent lots of her time and effort to make sure she comes up with something that can truly deliver her idea. Indeed, she made healthy mineral-based cosmetics that one can actually sleep in! Her determination and continuous research led her to gigantic success.

#2 Carly Strife (CEO and Co-founder, Bark & Co.)

 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs

Source: ZDNet

Bark & Co. is a huge subscription box company that caters to modern-day dog parents. The company offers subscription boxes that contain treats and goodies for your lovely dog pets. The company has grown huge today and caters to a hundred thousand customers on a regular basis! According to Forbes, the company is valued at an approximately $150 million to $200 million.

Secrets to Success: “Find something you are passionate about and work towards turning it into something you can make money from.”

 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs

Source: forbes

Carly Strife, along with her other co-founders Matt and Henrik, were all brought together by their passion – their love for dogs. Since dog parents have become so huge across the US, Carly thought it will be great to supply goodies and treats for our beloved dog pets. What started as passion and love for pets turned out to be a great way to fill in the gaps in pet retail chains!

#3 Eden Hertzog (Owner, New Moon Kitchen)

 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs

Source: Village Living Magazine

New Moon Kitchen is an all-organic vegan bakery run by Eden Hertzog, 39. She worked hard to get her baking business to success by taking baby steps, one at a time. In addition, New Moon Kitchen is one of the most popular bakeries that produce healthy and delicious sweets all over Canada. She is soon set to extend the lengths of her business all throughout North America as well.

Secrets to Success: “I love employing people and giving them a great place to work.”

 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs

Source: My Organized Chaos

Apart from being an exceptional baker, Eden Hertzog has a unique characteristic that greatly contributes to the success of her baking business – her immeasurable kindness. Eden is known to be very passionate with her work but other than that, her employees love their boss. According to an interview with Torontoist.com, Eden is known to be extremely generous with her staff; in which she gives them numerous benefits like four day work-weeks, in-house yoga treatments and even shiatsu treatments! She is one proof that entrepreneurial success involves great camaraderie with your employees.

#4 Sara Blakely (Founder and Owner, Spanx)

 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs

Source: comedyworkshoppe.com

Spanx is a huge company for quality intimate apparel. It is very well-known for its exceptional shapewear that perfectly delivers comfort to the consumers. As of September 2013, Sara Blakely’s net worth is approximately $1 billion and her company, Spanx, is considered the #1 brand for shapewear. She was also named as one of the Most Influential People in the World by TIME Magazine which only shows that her entrepreneurial success is immense and prominent.

Secrets to Success: “Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.”

 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs

Source: Pinterest

Sara Blakely started her business journey with undergarments because at one point in her life, she was asked to consistently wear pantyhose as a sales trainer. She wanted to explore making money out of intimate apparel but she was totally clueless about pretty much everything that relates to it. Despite that, Sara didn’t stop researching and learning. It took her a lot of determination, time, effort and investment for her to reach where she is today.

#5 Liz Lange (Founder, Liz Lange Maternity Wear)
 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs

Source: Cherokee Global Brands

Liz Lange proved that pregnant women should not be hindered into dressing up in style. After working at Vogue magazine, Liz figured that maternity dresses can also look extremely fashionable for expecting moms. With this idea booming into a huge business concept, Liz Lange Maternity Wear have grown into a million dollar industry.

Secrets to Success: “When you feel copied, remember that people can only go where you have already been, they have no idea where you are going next.”

 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs

Source: The Stork Magazine

Liz Lange is a fashion designer at heart. As a fashion designer, she is always required to constantly create new and original ideas for her designs. Being creative and idealistic is what she lives by and since the competition against apparel is imminent, she makes sure it does not stop her from continuously designing and creating exceptional fashion ideas.

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