How to Wear Heels in the Most Comfortable Way?

How to Wear Heels in the Most Comfortable Way?

Even the immense popularity of flats and sneakers could not lessen the craze of heels. To get the most trendsetting look with every type of outfit, heels are always the first choice. Be it a street style, office attire or a red carpet, a perfect style comes with stiletto heels. Wearing heels on regular basis tends to hurt your feet temporarily or permanently. Even that pain one gets after wearing heels cannot refrain the ladies from wearing those towering footwear, especially if they are the fashion-forward girls. What to do in a situation like that? You have two options; either to bid farewell to heels or try to make heel more comfortable. Read on to find the best ways to wear heels without pain and discomfort.


Tips for Wearing High Heels Comfortably

  1. Invest in quality Shoes

This is the most important step to follow. Buying low-quality shoes from any other outlet may damage your feet in the long run. Low-quality shoes are manufactured with damaging materials that may hurt your feet. Always check the placement of the heel on the back of the shoes. Heel should be attached to the middle of the sole with a firming grip. I would suggest you to opt for the most established footwear brands that promise to give high quality products. After all, you are going to spend so much on your shoes, invest in better.

  1. Know your Level of Comfort

You know how much your feet can bear. It is highly recommended to not to hurt your feet with an oversized heel. When you wear heels, you are supposed to walk, run or even jump sometimes. And in the situations like that, twisting of ankles is a very common thing. Are you confident enough to face that all? Girls having weak ankles should look for smaller heels.

  1. Find your Perfect Fit

To make heel more comfortable, it is essential to buy your perfect fit. A well-gripped shoe makes it easy for you to walk. Check out the image below to find the most suitable and comfy style for you. [Read here: How to Pick the Right High Heels]

How to Wear Heels in the Most Comfortable Way?

source: buzzfeed

  1. Thicker Heels

Walking in stiletto/pencil heels require a lot of practice on one’s part. If you don’t have enough experience of it, you better stick to sturdier and thicker style of heels i.e. wedges, chunky and platform style shoes. Wearing such heels is easier than wearing a normal stiletto. Their thickness tends to make them comfortable to walk.

  1. Practice for Perfection

Every weakness can be overcome with practice. Same is the case with stiletto. If you find it hard to walk in the heels but you still want to wear them. We would recommend you to opt for practice. Walk in your house to get used to the walking style.

  1. Right Pitch of the Heels
different slopes

different slopes

Pitch or slope of the heels makes a lot of difference. Each time when you are there to pick a heeled shoe, look at the slope style. The flatbed portion of the shoe must not be straight. A gradual slop with a slight curve is easier to carry.

  1. Tape your Toes

It’s a unique and all-new technique that has come directly from NYFW. We have always witnessed models wearing towering stilettos on the fashion runway. How come wearing heels can be so simple for such long hours? Here is the SECRET!!! Taping of your third and fourth toes with a nude medical tape or washi tape is what most of the models do. This whole taping process tends to reduce the pressure from the balls of the feet. The space between these two toes is said to carry a nerve. As you wear a heel, the tape pressurizes the nerve and you get a less painful experience of wearing heels.

  1. Use Baby Powder

Sprinkling of baby powder in the shoes proves helpful in many ways. It not only soaks up the moisture of sweating (no bristles) but it also keeps your feet from getting smelly.

  1. Rest for your Feet!

Make sure you don’t walk aimlessly while wearing towering heels. Whenever you are wearing one, it is essential to get some rest for your feet. Sit after every 15 to 20 minutes, remove the heels and stretch your toes.

  1. Try Shoes Inserts

Usage of different styles of inserts for shoes can save you from the risks of blisters (it prevents friction) and other ways of hurting feet. At the same time, it ensures comfort for your feet. These paddings for shoes are available in the form of fabric inserts or as cushioned silicone gel inserts. As you get your new heeled shoes, wear them for about an hour and look for the problem areas. If you detect any, (particularly the ball of the feet), placing a cushioned padding under your heel promises great ease in walking. Moleskin paddings for feet are another great option. These can be cut into any shape for your feet (place it under your heel or at the back of your feet to avoid friction).

Note: Whenever you are wearing a towering stiletto, don’t forget to carry a pair of flipflops or some flats.

  1. No-Show Socks

Wearing invisible or no-show stockings too are quite a helpful option. These too, tend to protect your feet against rubbing. [Read here: What to Wear with Colored Heels]

  1. What to Do?

Dipping your feet in cool peppermint bath relieves your feet of all the pain. This is the best thing you can do for your tired feet. Addition of a nourishing balm after it, is all that you need. Besides that, soaking your feet in warm water with Epsom salt is yet another great trick.

Conclusion: In the long run, it’s your feet that matter the most. If you can’t wear heels due to any health-related issue, it’s absolutely alright. We always recommend people to limit the use of heels for parties or some special events like a romantic dinner or a date night. As far as office and other events are concerned, opt for flats. Even flats and small heels can give you the desired look. All you need is the confidence to wear them.

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