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How to Style a Black Jean Jacket for Any Occasion: 16 Outfit Ideas

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Blue is a timeless color that can be worn with anything. It’s a great choice for a casual look, even when paired up with a LBD. black jeans are edgier, more sophisticated, and suitable for all occasions. A black jean jacket allows you to dress up or down your outfit with just a few simple additions.

Do you want a looser fit? Wear your black denim coat with matching jeans and a T-shirt. Are you going to a fancy restaurant? Wear a jean jacket embellished with beads over a slip-dress and wear heels. There are many outfits to suit all tastes. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or something more daring, there is an option for everyone.

We’ve put together our favorite black denim outfits and style tips to help you nail them.

The Jeans Match

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The double denim is a classic Canadian tuxedo, but with a modern twist. This outfit is perfect for a trip to the supermarket or a lunch date with friends. The slightly oversized jacket, jeans and faded black denim give it a casual look. Combine with rectangle sunglasses and black mules for a monochrome chic look.

Over a Sheer Dress

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Sheer dresses have become a favorite among celebrities. If you want to add a little more coverage, try layering yours with a black jean jacket. Combine the punk style with elegant accessories like black ankle boots or layered pearl necklaces.


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When you add rhinestones, it becomes a real statement. Cool factor goes up a notch. Vintage-inspired accessories like cat-eye glasses and round studs earrings will ground this outfit.

As a Minidress

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Britney Spears is responsible for the denim dress. But for a casual version of this iconic look, style an oversized black jacket as a miniature dress. Wear a belt wide to add dimension to the dress, or leave it off to achieve a more baggy look. Add some black knee high boots to complete this fall-friendly look.

Blue Jeans

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Wearing black and blue jeans at the same is a great idea in any season. Layering denim can be overwhelming, but this outfit works because it uses light-blue over navy denim and black accessories.

Wide-Leg Trousers

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Pair your beige wide leg trousers with an oversized black denim jacket. Dark-washed denim and lighter shades give off a posh look, yet it is still casual enough to wear for errands.

Denim Maxi Skirts

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The denim mini skirt will be a fall wardrobe staple that you should add to your closet as soon as possible. The black distressed denim and floor-length hemline add a sultry touch to this outfit. Dress it up with a statement bralette or keep it simple by wearing a black T shirt.


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If rain is forecast, wear black denim with shearling lining. You will stay stylish and warm. Combine with a black shearling lined boot and a beige shirt. This will make a warm outfit that you can wear during the fall or winter. If you want a more sleek outfit, this style will also look great with a pair of black high-waisted pants and a crew neck sweater.

Turtleneck Sweater Oversized

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Layer an oversize black jean coat on top of a sweater with a turtleneck for a chic winter look. The look is sophisticated with a black midi-skirt and ankle-strap heel. It’s a great option for drinks or a fancy dinner.

As a Duster

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This duster is a great alternative to the traditional waist-length black jean jacket. The floor-grazing length gives the outfit more movement and the look is bolder when only the top buttons are fastened.

Capri Pants

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Capri trousers were a controversial Y2K fashion, but we think that they look great when paired up with a cropped jean jacket. The casual denim is elevated with a keyhole bralette, black pumps and a cropped jean jacket. If you prefer a more covered undershirt, swap the bralette with a black Tshirt or bodysuit.

With Beading

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You can still look ultra-glam in a black beaded jean jacket if rhinestones are not your thing. The beading adds a subtle sparkle to a classic LBD. This will make for a sophisticated and flirty nighttime look.

Under Outerwear

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It’s not new to layer outerwear, but removing one sleeve from the shoulder gives this look a modern twist. The dark denim is balanced by a high-necked white top and faded grey jeans. This allows you to experiment with lighter accessories.

Pinstripe Skorts

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Pinstripes on a skort are a great way to add a touch of casual sophistication. For this look, wear a cropped jean jacket black over a black plain T-shirt. Accessorize the look with your favorite shoe. For a cool, casual look, we love a chunky shoe.

As a Corset

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A corseted denim jacket is a great alternative to the usual oversized denim jacket. If you want to achieve a more fitted look, pair your tight-fitting jacket with a thin top.

Over a Floral dress

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A black jean jacket off the shoulder gives this outfit more zip. Accessorize this look with platform sandals, mixed metal jewelry and a jean jacket.

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