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How to Recreate Carrie Bradshaw’s Iconic ’90s Style with These 10 Looks


You probably know that Carrie Bradshaw, along with her friends Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte, is one of the most stylish characters ever to grace our screens. Sarah Jessica Parker became an icon of fashion for good reasons. Carrie wore some of the most sought-after vintage fashions, including a Dior saddlebag collection and many Manolo Blahnik shoes. Carrie Bradshaw’s creative style is what has made her memorable and kookiest. Check out 10 of the most memorable Carrie Bradshaw looks of all time. Each outfit includes product recommendations to help you recreate the stylish New Yorker’s look.

Flirtatious Florals

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The scene of Carrie and Big accidentally falling into Central Park’s water pond is one that will stay in the mind of every SATCfan, not only for its drama. Carrie donned a floral midi dress from Richard Tyler for the lunch date. She paired it with clear heels and carried a pastel pink shoulder bag. This sweet look would be perfect for a semi-formal summer occasion like a Wedding, or even an elegant date night.

Little Charcoal Dress

Photo: HBO

Carrie Bradshaw is the queen of the little black dress. Our news editor Bella Cacciatore recently pointed out that grey is essentially pastel black. Carrie has no doubt made this observation. Carrie Bradshaw, the stylish New Yorker, looked cool and casual in a charcoal mini dress. She paired it with Gucci sunglasses, a Gucci handbag, and aviator glasses.

Dive Bar Chic

Photo: HBO

Carrie’s Prada outfit made a trip to Aidan and Steve’s dive bar a fashion event. This long-sleeved crop top with its bare abs was an excellent example of the style icon’s love of crop tops. She added a twist to the look by wearing a crop top with a red and white striped low-rise skirt, as well as a Gucci belt purse (which we now want). The look might seem outrageous, but we think it’s perfect for a warm-weather outing.

Summer Staple

Photo: HBO

Carrie, who is a master of summer outfits, created an essential warm-weather look with one of the summer staples we love: The tube top. The stylish New Yorker wore a pair of cargo pants with a pendant necklace to look like a modern influencer. We say this as a compliment. We’ll be copying her outfit formula as soon as possible.

Palm Beach or NYC?

Photo: HBO

This look is perfect for Carrie’s “quirkiest” looks style file. A cropped pink collared top, a lime green checkered belt, and a palm-printed low-rise midi-skirt were paired by the beloved fictional columnist to combine Palm Beach Chic with New York flair. This chaotically fabulous style continues to inspire outfits even today. Dauphinette’s spring collection 2024, for example, included a version that was heavy on the whimsical.

The Iconic Tutu

Photo: HBO

Carrie’s pink tank top with white tutu has become a symbol of the series. You can also copy Carrie’s look by wearing a white ball gown instead of the dancecore statement. Just don’t forget to wear a pair of high heels.

Carrie Bradshaw’s “Revenge Dress”.

Photo: HBO

Carrie donned this Dior slip dress in what can be described as “her revenge dress” while she watched Big leave his engagement celebration. While wearing white to a wedding celebration might be considered a faux pas, the iconic character is never afraid to break the rules.

Pedal Power

Photo: HBO

Carrie Bradshaw’s outfits are often a question we ask ourselves. But the answer is almost always yes. This outfit is especially chaotic because it was worn in season five when SJP was pregnant, but the show decided not to include Carrie. But somehow, it still works. This look is a great reminder to take fashion risks every now and then. Plus, this unusual combination might find new life this summer as pedal pushers have a big moment.

Flower Power

Photo: Getty Images

Carrie’s ability to take a seemingly basic staple and make it look more stylish is another reason why we love her style. She adds a flower pin to a scoop-neck tank for a touch of couture. Carrie’s favorite accessory is her Dior saddlebag that matches her pink pants.

Wild West meets Hamptons

Photo: HBO

Carrie wore a western look on a girl’s trip to the Hamptons. She paired a snake-print bandeau with a low-rise striped skirt and topped it off with a cowboy hat. We can’t resist this look, especially since we are in the middle of Cowgirl Spring due to Beyonce and Kacey’s Cowboy Carter.

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