How to Look Younger?

The one thing everyone wants in common is to look younger. No matter what your age is or where you are from, it does not matter – the one thing you want is to never lose the charm and look young. But having a busy life in the fast lane, it gets really stressful and over time you do not get the opportunity to do enough to look younger. But it is okay as the saying goes, “It is better late than never.” So let us take this opportunity to take a look at some of the ways to look younger.


It is important to retain the moisture in your skin to look younger. Make sure to clean your face and body and apply moisturizing lotion to keep your skin healthy. It would be the best to find out the moisturizer that suits your skin and then stick to it. More Skin Care Tips in Winter For Mature Skin can be found here.

Hot Oil Treatment

A weekly dose of hot oil treatment can go a long way when it comes to retaining a young looking self. Apply oil to the dry hair and let it work its magic for a few hours before shampooing it off. Jojoba oil would be the kind that would serve to be the best in this process.


Source: HealthStatus

Source: HealthStatus

Exfoliating the skin on a regular basis will help remove the dead skin from the face. A face wash can be used regularly and weekly once, a scrubber should be used to exfoliate. Not letting the dead skin cell to accumulate in the pores of the skin will help the skin to remain fresh and glowing.

SPF Lotions

Source: Queen

Source: Queen

Applying sunscreen lotion regularly keeps you away from skin cancer. Studies have proven that people who apply SPF lotions three to four times a week are less likely to have any skin disease and is able to retain the quality of their skin compared to those who applies it discreetly or never.

Healthy Teeth

No one likes to look at a face that hosts yellow teeth. So healthy teeth are very important to help you look younger than you are. Brushing at least twice a day, using mouthwash and getting a dental check-up every six months is the minimum requirement to have a great set of teeth. But over doing the same would result in weakening the teeth. So a balance should be kept between the two.


Source: Glamour Buzz

Source: Glamour Buzz

Dressing according to the occasion can help a lot to make you look younger. Choosing a color combination and dress that suits you will help go a long way to letting people take away a few years from your actual age. [Check out our colorful styling categories: Green, Purple, Red, Orange, Blue.]Finding what looks good on you should not be the only factor to take into account. What you choose to wear should make you feel comfortable too. Therefore, make sure to keep these two things in mind the next time go shopping to fill up your wardrobe.

Proper Workout

Adding a workout routine to your schedule will help in a lot of ways. It provides proper sleep which in turn increases the better functioning of the body. The heart, lungs, muscles will all function better with coordination and helps replenish the rate at which the skin cells replenish. This keeps the skin retain its charm and glow.

Electronic Addiction

Source: Time

Source: Time

Constant use of electronic devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops affects a number of body parts. When you stare at the screen for a long time without a break can lead to issues relating to the eyes. The eyes can develop power over time and you might have to wear spectacles. The neck will be strained by the constant use of these devices and can lead to permanent damage. The strain can also develop into migraines and other related conditions.

Conceal Wrinkles

Use mild makeup to apply shades that will hide the wrinkles well. Give emphasis on the lines that surround the mouth and eyes. Use a dry sponge to soften out these edges and blend in the shades of the makeup. Make sure not to wipe or rub the foundation to prevent it from spreading.

Prefer Greens

Source: Pinterest

Eat a lot of greens. This might be something all the doctors would have told you. Green vegetables provide the body with the vitamins and nutrients that are required. The green in kale helps reduce the impact of bruising by increasing the blood coagulation. Spinach, lettuce and broccoli help the teeth whiten and broccoli being a carotenoid-packed vegetable, improves skin tone and its health.


Proper sleep promotes proper functioning of the body. This results in a healthy lifestyle and a healthy young looking body. If you have the habit of staying up late to work or watch soulless of seasons of your favorite show on Netflix, make sure to follow a routine and change your habits a little to include enough time for rest and sleep.

Do Not Stress

Source: inspower

Source: inspower

Taking a lot of stress will not only affect you on the inside, but the results will be seen on the outside too. It will encourage the process of inflammation, resulting in conditions like eczema and acne which will make your skin looks dull. Stress will also take a toll on your sleep cycle, which directly affects your skin.


Source: Huffington Post

Source: Huffington Post

Overdoing makeup will do more damage than not applying any. Applying layers of foundations will take away the natural look of the skin. On the other hand, application of just the required amount of makeup and relying on regular workout and sleep routines will help more. Check out A Comprehensive Guide to Best foundations for Mature SkinBest YouTube Makeup Tutorials for Older Women.


Source: Pinterest

Does not matter how young or old you are, a smile can bring a radiance to your face which cannot be replaced by anything. Having a stress free, positive outlook towards with a smile on the face can make a world of difference to make you look way younger.

Staying young at heart is very important to have a positive outlook towards life. A good attitude would definitely help in making you look better and also feel better. Take these tips, be optimistic about the situations you come across and see yourself grow young as you grow old.

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