How to Clean Makeup Brushes?

To look good is very important in today’s generation. Be it a teenager, an adult, or woman in her later stages of life. This has prompted makeup to be an integral part of our everyday lives. Rarely a day passes by without us using the compact kit we all have in our cupboard or purse. We try out the different variety of products to find which one suits us the best and do spend a good chunk of our paycheck on it. Also, we get different kinds of brushes to match with these products. But one thing we all struggle with is cleaning the brush. Does not matter how much we try, there is always a dissatisfaction when it comes to how we have cleaned the brush. So, let us take a look at some of the ways to clean the makeup brushes.

Baby Shampoo

  • A very effective and easier way to clean your dirty makeup brushes. First, rinse the dirty brushes in lukewarm water. Make sure not to let the water touch the part where the bristles are glued to the handle. It might loosen the glue.
  • Now, apply a little of the shampoo on your palm. Take the brush and twist the bristles to and fro a few time till it lathers. Once the lather from the shampoo has loosened up the dirt and oil on the brush, rinse it again in lukewarm water.
  • Squeeze and remove the excess water between your index finger and thumb. If the water is still found to be dirty, repeat the process till the water runs clear.
  • With the help of a paper towel or cloth to reshape and dry the bristles. Let it dry overnight and it is ready to be used again.

Olive Oil and Antibacterial Soap

  • Take one part olive oil and two parts of antibacterial soap and combine well on a clean plate.
  • Wet the dirty brush with lukewarm water. Now, dip the brush into the olive oil-antibacterial soap mixture and coat it a little.
  • With the help of your palm and fingers, work the mixture into the bristles of the brush slowly. Do it until the dirt and oil is removed from the bristles.
  • Wash the brush again in lukewarm water and remove all the remains of the soapy mixture.
  • Repeat the process till the water runs through the bristles clean.
  • Use a paper towel or cloth to wipe clean the brush and lay it on a sheet of cloth or paper towel to dry overnight.
  • Repeat the same process with the remaining brushes and find out the result for yourself.

Dove Handwash

Source: Zoella

Source: Zoella

  • Collect the dirty brushes you want to clean.
  • Slightly dampen the brushes by running lukewarm water through the bristles. Make sure the brush is face down so that the water cannot damage the glue that holds the bristles to the handle together.
  • Apply a little of Dove handwash on your palm.
  • Take the dirty brush and swirl it around on your palm till it lathers. Add a bit of water now and then to help the lathering process and let it coat the bristles thoroughly.
  • Wash it again with lukewarm water and squeeze out the excessive water. If the water is found to be dirty, repeat the process.
  • Use a cloth or paper towel to dry and reshape the bristles. You are good to go.

Olive Oil Soap

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

  • Lay out the dirty brushes which you want to clean.
  • Use lukewarm water to dampen the bristles of the brush slightly. Make sure not to let the water run through the glue that holds the bristles and handle together.
  • Take the Olive Oil soap bar and rub the bristles directly to the bar soap. Make sure to do it very gently, without letting the bristles to loosen up.
  • Collect a few drops of water in your palm and swirl the brush on it till it lathers up nicely.
  • Apply the bar soap if there is a need for more lather and do not forget to apply the appropriate amount of water with it.
  • Let the lather formed by the soap work its way thoroughly on the bristles till the dirt starts to come off.
  • Wash the bristles with lukewarm water. If the water runs out clean – good job. Otherwise, repeat the same process again.
  • Dry the brush by the use of a paper towel or cloth and there you have, your clean brush again.
  • Use the same method to clean the other dirty brushes.

Rubbing alcohol, Olive or Almond Oil, Shampoo

Source: LayersMag

Source: LayersMag

  • Mix the shampoo, oil and rubbing alcohol on a plate.
  • Rinse the bristles of the dirty brush you want to clean.
  • Twist the brush on the combination of shampoo, oil and alcohol and apply the appropriate amount of water. Let it lather up.
  • Use your palm or fingers to spread the lather throughout the bristles and let it get the dirt away from the bristles.
  • Wash the bristles and if the water runs unclean, repeat till it comes clean. Dry it with a cotton pad and leave it for six to eight hours to dry completely.

Instead of using a plate, bowls can also be used to mix the cleaning product. In this case, the ingredients are to be mixed in the bowl with a glass of water. This helps to gently clean the brush even though it might take a little more time compared to the other method.

Now, as you know a few methods to clean your makeup brushes, go ahead. try it and find out which method or product suits you the best. Brushes are critical tools to contour the face. Learn more about how to contour your face. Also, one important thing is to clean the handles too. The same mixture can be applied to the handle to clean it. But make sure not to let water ruin the glue that holds the bristles and the handle together. A vintage makeup? Check here.

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