How to choose sunglasses according the face shape

How to choose sunglasses according to your face

Since we already have a new season – spring – here, there will also be a lot of sunny and warm days ahead. All of us know that sun is such a great help not only for our skin to be pretty and healthy but for our body health too. But we have to keep in mind that even the sun can be not only a good help but also a threat. We need to pay attention to our skin and especially eyes when we are outside because the sun may cause us a lot of damage even it doesn´t seem like that.

Spring must-haves include a lot of things but the sunglasses can´t be missing. This kind of an accessory is not only fashionable but helpful too. Sunglasses are a good way how to freshen your outfit or to cover yourself when you don´t feel the best. They can also hide your hangover on the other day.

You need to have at least one proper sunglasses at home because you never know when will you need them, right? But how to choose the best ones? You can´t just buy the first ones you will like because they may not be the best for your eyes and they might not suit a shape of your face. Continue reading the article and get to know how to choose the best sunglasses for your face.

1. When to buy sunglasses

The best day when to buy this kind of the accessory is definitely a sunny day! In this case, you can try them immediately. Colour vision can be different at the optics so it is very important to try them somewhere where a bright sunlight can come from the windows. This way you will be for 100% sure about their vision.

2. Size of the sunglasses

Another factor which is very important is an actual size of the sunglasses. There are a lot of different frames, types and even lenses to choose from. Best sunglasses should be those which cover the whole eye area and even more if you would like. Investing into those which don´t cover the eyes completely is useless. It is only throwing money away.

3. Know the shape of your face

Choosing the sunglasses according to your face´s shape is one of the most important things to do while deciding to which one would you like to buy. There are a few common face´ shapes – around one, square one, oval one, diamond one, heart one et cetera.

How to choose sunglasses according the face shape

Source: SheKnows

4. Best sunglasses for the round face

Angled wide frames are the best option in this case. Since the round face is seriously round, you have to choose sunglasses which „shape“ it a bit and give it something like a contouring. You should try to pick those which will make your face to seem longer and create the oval face look. Also, the butterfly frames can be good.

How to choose sunglasses according the face shape

Source: WomenSok

5. Best sunglasses for the square face

Thin rounded or oval frames are the answer here. With this type of the face, you need to soften the strong facial features a bit.

How to choose sunglasses according the face shape

Source: NY Post

6. Best sunglasses for the oval face

Oval type of the face is the most symmetrical one. If you have this kind of the shape, we have the great news for you-you can wear almost everything because every single sunglasses´ shape will surely suit you. Feel free to choose the ones you like the most! But be aware of the oval frames – they may deform your face and you definitely do not want it.

7. Best sunglasses for the diamond face

Do you like retro style? If your answer is „yes“, then you can be happy because the retro looking sunglasses will suit you the best. If you don´t like the retro style very much, try to at least take a look at this kind of sunglasses. You never know – maybe you will find some you would like to buy. Try to avoid the wide frames since the upper part of the face is shorter. The good option is also rounded or oval frames.

How to choose sunglasses according the face shape

Source: ToPinBuzz

8. Best sunglasses for the heart face

For this type of the face, we recommend you to try the thick frames with different styles of the lenses. Another alternative is the cat eye sunglasses which are very popular and stylish!

9. Half Cat Eye Sunglasses

Have you already seen these retro half cat eye sunglasses with a sexy triangle rim? If you are from those people who just love to experiment with the newest fashion trends, this kind of sunglasses is a right choice for you! They should suit every single face shape. But be careful! These ones are definitely not for the everyday use.

How to choose sunglasses according to you face

Source: Pinterest

These were the most frequent and common shapes of the face all over the world. We recommend to take a serious look at the different pictures and take some time to decide, which type resembles your own face the best. Choosing the wrong frames can deform your face and create an unpleasant look. In some cases, you might look a bit funny too. And you do not want that, right?

To be a real fashion queen, you have to know what suits you the best. If you are also interested in how to become the fashion queen this year, you can read our article dedicated especially to this topic. In the fashion industry, you need to know which clothes and accessories are suited for your body type. The real fashion queen cannot let any faux-pas to happen! You are the one who should inspire the others.

The Ultimate 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine

The Ultimate 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine

But being trendy is not only about having the pretty and fitting clothes or wearing fancy accessories. You need to take care of your skin as well. And properly, because our skin health is very important. You should only use the products which are suited for especially your type of the skin. Try not to irritate it by using the other ones which are dedicated to the other skin types. It might cause a lot of allergic reactions to your face.

Have you ever heard about a 10-step Korean skincare routine? If you are a complete newcomer, we recommend taking a look at this wonderful skincare method which will transform your skin almost immediately and effectively. Do you wish to have a bright healthy skin without any blemishes and acne? This is the ultimate answer to your question. Let´s try the 10-step Korean skincare routine and have fun!

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