Hosting a Party Like Kate Middleton

Tips in Hosting a Party Like Kate Middleton

Hosting seems to be an exciting royal function for a newfound grace. And if you’re looking for an excellent hostess to imitate, then the Duchess of Cambridge is certainly a perfect choice. Kate Middleton is known to be a great hostess, from state banquets to tea parties. She has definite hosting rules to successfully pull off any event. Well, it wouldn’t be a surprise because she has attended several formal parties related to her royal duties. Now, are you ready to host a party like a royal?


There are some steps to host a party as follows:


Proper and Private Invitation Card

It’s definitely a no-no to text or tell people in person that you are inviting them for a party. Invitations should be kept private and proper at all times. The duchess herself is very hands-on when it comes to giving out invitation cards. She always takes ample time and effort to prepare and send formal invites. With the technology advancement, Kate is also a fan of paperless post.   An etiquette expert revealed that Kate uses a specific website that creates and sends out elegant online invitations to her guests. And of course, she never forgets to include an end time in the invitation card so that people will have an idea of the duration of the party.

Welcome Greetings

As a royal etiquette, welcoming guests with a kiss on the cheek is very important and that is one of the significant rules of Kate. The greeting favored by the duchess has been part of the noble tradition for centuries and it’s a practice that continues to live within the aristocrat families.

Apart from the typical right cheek to left cheek kiss, she also greets every guest with a firm handshake. So, be reminded of the normal royal greetings— it can be a kiss on the cheek, a firm handshake or even both, but never a high-five or a slap on the bottom.

Clutch Bag

Source: Wise Geek

Source: Wise Geek

Ever wondered why the Duchess always carries her bag in front of her, with both hands at all times? The reason behind such is not just about the upkeep of her belongings, but also because of some certain restrictions, which means she’s not free to shake hands. However, if she initiates the handshake, then of course, you should accept the gesture. Even if you are not a royal, just make sure that you will still keep an eye with your bag. Read about Fashionable Evening Clutches Perfect for the Holidays.

The Duchess and her clutch bags


Source: Pinterest

The Duchess Slant

Source: Scoopnest

Source: Scoopnest

Kate Middleton has a signature seating pose which is often tagged as ‘The Duchess Slant’. The pose features her sitting with legs slanted, ankles and knees together, heels always on the floor and hands cradled in her lap. Her signature pose is not just about decency, but also some kind of a fashion style. The kind of seating position makes her legs look longer.

Table Setting

Since nobody wants cramming on the day of the event, everything should be set a day before the party. Decorate and set the table ahead of time so that food will just be placed once done. Preparation will really save you from last-minute errands and this will give you enough time to relax than rushing around the kitchen on the big day.

Check out the Basic Dining Etiquette using the utensils.

Source: Robb Report

Source: Robb Report

Tea parties are usually the most prominent events of the royals. Every year, the Buckingham Palace hosts three Royal Garden Parties. You should have the tea party essentials such as tiered cake stand, teapots, teacups, cutlery, milk and sugar bowl, finger sandwiches, cakes slices, scones, and of course a loose-leaf tea.

Food Preparation

The Duchess of Cambridge is not just a good hostess, but also a great cook. Preparation is certainly the secret key to a successful party. There should be at least three food selections if you have nine guests and so on. Don’t forget to add a vegetarian option because not all people love meat. Apart from the menu, you should always serve with cocktail napkins and offer toothpicks for finger and oily foods.

Napkin Folding

Always take into account that the hostess should be the first one to place the napkin on her lap and then everyone else can follow the suit. To start, fold your napkin in half, with the crease facing you. Use the napkin to wipe any excess on your hands or mouth so that the mess doesn’t get on your clothes.

The Three Bites Rule

Source: The Pool

Source: The Pool

If you want to completely follow the hosting etiquettes of Kate Middleton, just take three bites, then stop and put your silverware down. And for the soup, always scoop away from you. Once you’re done eating, lay the silverware diagonally across the plate, with the fork in the left side and the knife blade should be facing in.

Wine Drinking

The proper way to drink wine is to hold the wine glass by the stem and not by the upper nor the bottom part. Aside from that, it’s very typical for ladies to be wearing lipstick, so always try to drink from the same part of the glass to avoid creating lipstick stains all around the glass.

P.S. Wine should not exceed the widest part of the glass.

Cup of Tea and Cup of Coffee

If you think that holding tea and coffees is just the same, well you should think twice because the Duchess has specific ways in holding those. For the tea, you should pinch your thumb and index finger together to hold the cup. On the other hand, you should loop your index finger through the handle if it’s a cup of coffee.

Dishes are Off Limits

Yes, guests would always offer to help with the dishes but a proper hostess should never accept such offer. Never ever allow guests to do the dishes. It’s like you are inviting them for something in return. Hosting a party is difficult yet fulfilling and your number one goal is to serve your guests in the most satisfying manner. Make sure that they will feel at home and relaxed at all times.

Excuse Yourself

Announcing that you’ll be going to the ladies’ room is seriously a flop. Show some decency and just simply excuse yourself, with no additional explanation. Once you excused yourself, get up from the table and gently lay your napkin on the table. The comfort room, which the Duchess fondly calls as the lavatory, should have the essentials like lightly scented bar soap and hand cream. With all these tips, we hope you’ll definitely pull off a successful party. Check out some of Kate Middleton’s Kate Fashion Statement.

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