Most Suitable Holiday Gifts for Mature Men

20 Most Suitable Holiday Gifts for Mature Men

Holiday season is the time when we all take a break from work and prefer to catch up with our family and close friends. Other than having fun in eating and movie time, making the selection of holiday gifts for our loved ones, is another task that we can’t ignore. When it comes to picking the best gifts for men especially for the mature ones, things could become really serious. Our mind gets occupied with ambiguities like, ‘what should I buy?’ ‘they would like the gift or not?’ ‘is it suitable for their age group and style?’ To answer all these queries and to help you get out of this situation, here we have rounded up the list of best gift ideas for 30 plus men.

1.Beard Trimmer

Has he got a beard? If yes, then nothing could be a better option than a high-quality beard trimmer. This is something he would need once in a while. And gifting something as useful and handy as this, is the most recommended thing.


Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

This is something that everyone wants. This holiday, gift him with some trendy and stylish sunglasses. It would not only add style to his personality, but would also protect his eyes from harmful UV rays. For women’s sunglasses, check out Picking the Best Sunglasses for your Face Shape.

3.Wrist Watch

Source: Wannabe Man

If he is a watch lover, buy one for him. Simply keep the age factor in mind and gift him with some graceful and cleanly designed wrist watch. To make it a part of his business attire, look for a wrist watch with leather straps. The choices of women’s wrist watch, please check How to Sync your Wrist Watch with your Style.

4. Traveler’s Kit

If the man you are going to gift loves traveling and spends most of his time in it, nothing could please him more than a traveler’s kit. Look for a kit spacious enough for all his necessary items. [Find here: 14 best Christmas gifts for kids.]

5. Shaving Kit

Source: Brandvila

Source: Brandvila

Make his mornings refreshing with a state-of-the-art shaving kit. It should have all the necessary shaving items like a razor, shaving cream and a face balm. Each morning he would use it, he will thank you in the heart.

6. Fleece Robe

Take his comfort to a higher level with a cozy and warming fleece robe. He would surely love to spend his holidays lounging around in it.

7. Holder on Sofa

If he loves spending hours watching movies or football match, give him a holder to hold his bowel of popcorns or his cup of coffee.

8. Backpack Briefcase

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

A backpack briefcase would help him carry his laptop and all other necessary documents to the office.

9. Vinyl Case

Help him clear his clutter with a vinyl case. All his vintage records that were scattering around the living room earlier, have finally got a place to hide.

10. A Catchall

Source: Etsy

Source: Etsy

If he forgets about the whereabouts of things after placing them on different spots, nothing could be better than a catchall. A catchall on the lounge table or on his dresser would perfectly hold all his necessary items like his wrist watch, mobile, keys, wallet and even his chillers.

11. A Card Carrier

For a well-organized man, opt for a smart card carrier. Pick the one with various sections for cards and cash. This would not only slip in the pocket easily but would also protect his most important stuff.

12. Cord Taco



You would barely find a man who does not own a jungle of cords, especially, if he is a tech lover. Be it a charger, USB or any other cord, a man hardly keeps the cords managed. For a situation like this, a card taco would make the best gift for him.

13. A Perfect Tie for his Style

A man is incomplete without a tie, be it his office, some formal party or a wedding, he needs a tie. Pick a tie that matches his style and suits his age.

14. A Duffel

Source: Lyst

Source: Lyst

If he loves traveling, and you often find him planning his weekend trips, why not gift him a duffel. A duffel should be spacy enough to haul all his things.

15. Custom Cuff Links

Source: Shminhe

Source: Shminhe

Add a touch of personalization to those tiny cuff links. Get them customized with his initials or with the markings of some special day or anniversary. How to wear cufflinks? Click here.

16. Solar Powered Charger and Light

If the man you want to gift, is an adventure lover, a solar powered mobile charger and a solar powered emergency light would make the best gift for him. Both items are going to accompany him in his adventure trips.

17. Secretary’s Trunk by Louis Vuitton


It’s an innovative and incredible item, designed by Louis Vuitton. The idea is simply wonderful. This small trunk can be used in multiple functional ways. You can simply fold it out as a writing desk. There are drawers where you can put all the necessary stuff. You are going somewhere, take it with you and save the time of packing all the stuff inside.

18. Wine Tote

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

Is he a wine lover and can’t imagine leaving his place without his bottle of wine? If that’s how he thinks, let’s gift him a wine tote this holiday season. This incredible item is available in so many great styles. Available in leather, canvas, wood or insulated style totes, pick the best for your man.

19. Bluetooth Headphones

Source: CNET

Source: CNET

For his ease and comfort, gift him a set of Bluetooth headphones. Other than music, a hands-free calling is the biggest advantage of this tech device. Daughters who love to talk to their dads for hours, must try it.

20. Mr. Burberry Set

Source: Bagaholicboy

Source: Bagaholicboy

No list of gifts is complete without fragrance. This set of perfume and deodorant stick by Burberry would please any man.

Conclusion: There is a variety of things available in the markets that you can gift him this holiday. But picking a gift need your attention. Opt for something useful and handy. Each time he would use it, he would think of you. We hope our list of holiday gifts would get you out of the trouble of picking the perfect. [ Find out about ten gifts that look more expensive than they actually are.]

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