What Consists a Healthy Ballerina Diet

Ballerina Routine: What Consists a Healthy Ballerina Diet?

Having a toned, healthy body is part of being a ballerina. While most of us view their shape as “thin”, the work of having to achieve their “performance body” requires more than just cutting the amount of their food intake. Being a ballerina is tough and the work that goes with its artistic forms demand extreme discipline.


This discipline also involves a strict and healthy diet. Are you wondering how these gorgeous ballerinas maintain their svelte figures? In this article, we have researched about how professional ballerinas do their eating routines along with their exhausting dance routines. We learned straight from professional ballerinas how their daily diet routine is like and we are here to share it with you as well.


Ballerinas eat very light breakfast since they usually do stretches and heavy routines first thing in the morning. In fact, some of them even choose to skip breakfast and drink at least 2 glasses of water instead. Professional ballerinas usually start their day very early in the morning. Lauren Fadeley, a 29-year-old ballerina from Pennsylvania Ballet says she can’t have anything in her stomach in the morning because she usually start her day off with heavy dance routines.

Healthy Ballerina Diet

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But then again, breakfast is always important so in times that ballerinas choose to have breakfast, they always keep it light. It’s something they can eat while doing stretches but at the same time, something to fill their stomach. One professional ballerina recommended a easy parfait out of Greek yogurt, berries and granola. Such breakfast is rich in fiber and antioxidants which is advisable for someone quite active during the day. Not very fond of granola? Check out more fiber-rich alternatives here: 8 Healthy Nuts and Seeds You Should Eat Daily

Morning Beverage

Green tea is always an all-time favorite for the health conscious. Another professional ballerina, Keenan McLaren recommends Green Tea as something to drink in the morning or before you start your routine. Green Tea is rich in Bioactive compounds that work in boosting energy. It also detoxifies and helps replenish nutrients that the body needs for the entire day.


Lunch is usually the heaviest meal of the day for a ballerina. But when we say heavy, it only means that the whole meal course is comprised of a couple of dishes. The key to it is to have a little bit of everything. Lunch should be comprised of very nourishing and energizing meals as it aims to reinvigorate the body after a heavy morning dance routine. This can include a fruit, lean meat, steamed vegetables and biscuits. More food ideas here: 10 Easy and Healthy Brunch Recipes

Healthy Ballerina Diet

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In addition, water plays a very important role in the ballerina diet. No beers, no sodas or  milky drinks. Coffee and milk can be excused as long as they are on-fat.

Healthy Ballerina Diet

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If 8 glasses a day is considered a part of healthy diet for most people, the ballerina diet requires at least 12 glasses of water a day.

Snacks in Between

Healthy Ballerina Diet

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While the ballerina diet demands very strict discipline, they are ordinary humans like us and they get hungry from time to time too! But instead of resorting to a bar of chocolate or a pack of potato chips, a fruit cup as snack goes to their rescue. It helps relieve hunger and at the same time, nourishes the body as it rests. In addition, it’s a very refreshing way to relax and rejuvenate energy.

Healthy Ballerina Diet

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There are times that a cup of fruit snack isn’t enough to relieve hunger. When ballerinas do heavy dance routines first thing in the morning until late in the afternoon, the tendency is to make them more hungry. In times that fruit cup isn’t enough or if you wish to have a bit of more variety, go for sugarfree blends of protein and fiber. Sugar plays a big role in making the body feel more sluggish. To avoid that, eat foods that are heavy in protein and fiber for more energy.


Healthy Ballerina Diet

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Dinner needs to be light as well. Ballerinas can definitely pile up more food for lunch time since they have the rest of the day to burn what they ate. However, night time is the time for rest, in preparation to more trainings the next day. The ballerina diet recommends getting a bowl of veggie salad for dinner instead of going for rice or heavy meat. Red meat tends to slow down the metabolism process since it breaks down really slow in the body. But if you wish to have some meat for dinner, go for lean meat. You can go for white chicken breast, cream dory or salmon along with your vegetable salad.


Who can ever resist desserts?! Of course, even ballerinas who are on a strict diet plan are allowed to have desserts too. Banana ice cream is a very popular dessert among ballerinas for it is light, sweet and rich in potassium. It boosts one’s energy while giving a sweet, fruity delight!

That’s basically what ballerinas eat as a part of their diet. If there’s one thing to really describe it, that would be “healthy”. Yes, being a ballerina is not all about being thin and losing weight. To maintain a very svelte figure while having strong muscles, the ballerina body needs rich nutrients to cope with such grueling dance trainings. Of course, this type of diet is not only limited to ballerinas. If you want to eat healthy, live healthy and have a slim figure, this may be the kind of diet you are looking for.

Thinking about what else to incorporate in your new healthy lifestyle? We have got you covered! Check out our other health-related articles here: Easy Workout and Healthy Diet Plan for Busy Moms

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