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Find Out What Hair Color Will Suit You Best Before Your Next Appointment

Isn’t it just amazing how you can change your hair to any color your heart desires without having anyone toss rude remarks and comments your way?  Well, despite all of the freedom people have when it comes to hair color choices, there are still quite a few people that are terrified of changing their hair color.  This hair color phobia is mostly because they are afraid of looking terrible after choosing a wrong color.  They end up stuck with the same dull hair for years even though they desperately long for an improvement.  If you want to change your look a bit but are terrified of choosing a color that doesn’t suit you then you have come to the right place because this is a perfect guide to finding a color that is most likely to suit you.

Your skin plays an important role in suitable color

So what hair color is best for you? A great hair look isn’t just about good looking hair.  It’s about your entire face as a whole and one of the factors that play the biggest part in finding a suitable color is your skin tone. Different skin tones work better with different colors because the wrong color will highlight flaws in your face and can make you seem older instead of younger.  Colorful highlights can also be a great addition to switch things up a bit.

Can hair color change your personality?

Many believe that wearing certain colors can affect your personality.  Wearing red clothes, for example, makes athletes perform better on the sport field because of a natural spike in their adrenaline levels.  If wearing a certain color can affect your personality then you can bet that different hair color will also affect your personality.  Just consider for example how you feel on a bad hair day?  Now imagine how much better and more confident you will feel if you have a cuter hair color.

The best colors for dark skin

best colors for dark skin

best colors for dark skin

Dark skinned ladies do occasionally look good in lighter hair colors but the maintenance is quite a lot since dark skinned women usually have naturally dark hair. The best color for dark skin is something that is close to your natural color like black, dark brown and if you want to be really funky then a dark cherry red can also look fantastic although this color will bind you when it comes to choosing outfits.

The best colors for tan skin

hair color

best colors for tan skin

The best color for tan skin is mostly something a bit darker.  You have to be exceptionally beautiful to get away with blonde colors and tan skinned ladies should steer clear of silver hair that is so popular right now.  Dark hair colors like balayage, dark red browns and even auburns or cherry reds can work well with your skin, especially if you add highlights with a slightly lighter tone.

The best colors for warm skin

Ladies with warm skin tones tend to look better in slightly darker colors although many do get away with light blonds and even bright rainbow colors like pinks, purples and more.  The best colors for olive skin includes natural colors like warm browns, deep warm reds and of course chocolate colored or even black hair which is good news for people with Korean skin tones that prefer a natural look.  Those that want to maintain a sense of spunk can add some colorful highlights like blue, red, caramel or copper streaks that go well with your main color.

The best colors for medium skin

warm skin

best colors for medium skin

If you have fair skin that tends to tan fairly easily then you have medium skin.  People with medium skin tones can get away with a much wider color spectrum because there is less contact between your skin and color and even flamboyant colors wont accent facial flaws like dark marks.  Medium skin tones can wear anything from dark browns to ashy whites without fear.

The best colors for fair skin

best colors for fair skin

best colors for fair skin

If you have fair skin with a pinkish undertone then any hair color you choose will come out in much higher contrast to your face.  The best color for pale skin includes warmer colors like natural red, warm copper, cinnamon brown and strawberry blond tend to look better with fair skinned individuals and if your skin is incredibly light you should avoid dark colors like ash-browns or black – unless you don’t mind looking like a member of the Addams family.

Some get away with any color

Some people are lucky enough to be able to get away with any color no matter their skin tone and usually these lucky ladies are associated with flamboyant personalities.  Giving a bizarre color that you think will never suit you a try might be rewarding in the end.  And if you’re chosen color is not that good then don’t worry too much because a new hair color is just a hair stylist appointment away.  In the mean time you can take as many photos as possible to remind yourself not to try that color again and you can have fun with your new look while it lasts. Life is after all too short to be too obsessed about your looks to have fun.

Celebrities with crazy hair colors

A lot of celebrities often break the best hair color guide rules as a publicity stunt or simply to have some fun just because they can.  Here are just a few celebrities that went all out with their hair colors;

Pink – Pink is best known for her blond hair but frequently switches things up with light pink highlights and even light pink hair and she rocks in each of these colors thanks to her medium skin tone.

Rihanna – She is one of the few tan skinned ladies that get away with a crazy color like flamboyant red but is usually seen in darker colors and often with highlights.

Kelley Osborne – Kelley is known for her crazy hair colors and she pulls off most of the colors terrific despite the fact that she has fair skin.

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