Unwanted Acne Breakouts

7 Habits that You Didn’t Know Could Cause Unwanted Acne Breakouts

Acne is a skin dilemma that everyone deals with from time to time. One common misconception about pimples and acne breakouts is that they usually just happen to teenagers during puberty. Unfortunately, it is not just a phase; it is a real problem that everyone faces regardless of what gender or age you are.

Acne is quite an annoying problem and although it may seem inevitable, there are actually tons of ways to prevent and get rid of them. No wonder anti-acne products are everywhere! Acne happens most for oily skin. Here are some beauty tips to deal with oily skins. So you cleanse your face, or maybe even have a lengthy skincare ritual, but you are still breaking out uncontrollably. What could be the cause of it? Acne breakouts can have lots of causes, but here in this article, you will be surprised that some of your daily habits actually contributes to the appearances of your acne.

1. Over-cleansing and too much exfoliating

 Cause Unwanted Acne Breakouts

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So you incorporate some peeling gels or facial scrubs in your skincare routine in order to get rid of dead skin cells. Exfoliation is very good and it is in fact quite essential when it comes to caring for your skin. The problem lies when you cleanse and exfoliate too much and too often. Proper exfoliation should be done for only once or twice a week to catch up with the dead skin cells. If exfoliation is done too often, you are also scrubbing off healthy skin cells off the surface which results to dry and irritated skin and because of this, acne breakouts happen. Let’s learn how to properly clean your face from the video.

2. Lack of Proper Sleep

 Cause Unwanted Acne Breakouts

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Sleep is very important to our health. It is the time when the body takes a full rest which allows full rejuvenation to happen, including healthy skin cell regeneration. It is recommended that an adult gets around 6 to 8 hours of sleep for the body to fully restore itself. Otherwise, lack of sleep will disrupt not only your body clock but also your hormones. It does not give your skin enough time to restore moisture and heal itself which usually leads to random breakouts from occurring. Meditation is a great way to help you get better sleep. Check this out.

3. Unclean Mobile Phones

 Cause Unwanted Acne Breakouts

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How many of us disinfect our mobile phones from time to time? According to survey, only 4 out 10 people actually think of the idea of disinfecting their mobile phones by occasionally wiping it off with alcohol or sanitizers. It is quite a sneaky habit since we use our mobile phones every second of our lives! It is alarming to know that your very own mobile phone can be a huge den for bacteria to accumulate and whenever you take calls and put it on the side of your face, a huge amount of bacteria transfers to your skin.

4. Applying Sunscreen

 Cause Unwanted Acne Breakouts

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Don’t get us wrong, applying sunscreen is very important to protect our skin against the harsh rays of the sun. Although with the wrong choice of sunscreen, your skin can terribly react to it and cause pimples. Some chemicals used in sunscreens have the tendency to clog the pores. These chemicals absorb the sun’s UV rays and break it down which sometimes clog and disrupt the pores. As an alternative, many people choose organic sunscreens for they feature sun protecting ingredients that bounce off UV rays instead f absorbing it, therefore not causing skin irritations.

5. Improper Diet

 Cause Unwanted Acne Breakouts

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That cheesy pizza or that greasy-looking burger may seem very appetizing but it is actually quite displeasing to your skin. Foods that are loaded up with grease and oil can contribute to your skin’s excessive production of sebum. As we all know, excessive sebum is what mainly causes acne. If you don’t slow down with all that oily diet, you can definitely cause some problems to your skin. Check out the healthy and delicious food for breakfast.

6. Dirty Makeup Brushes

 Cause Unwanted Acne Breakouts

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Yes, it does not matter if your brushes are from Gucci, Chanel or Kevin Aucoin – the point is, they all still get dirty at one point. The truth about dirty makeup brushes is quite alarming and one stroke of these brushes can definitely ruin your skin with acne breakouts. Imagine dipping your brush to your makeup, putting it back to your skin, and tossing it to your makeup stash. If you don’t clean your brushes on the spot, you are giving bacteria is new home. How to clean the brushes without buying anything? Check it out!

7. High Stress Levels
 Cause Unwanted Acne Breakouts

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All of us experience high stress levels all the time. But remember, you always have to try to keep your chill! It’s not only a health advice but a beauty advice as well. When you are too stressed or nervous, your hormones are disrupted and they freak out as well! This hormone disruption can cause pimples and other skin troubles to occur.

Now that wraps our list of daily habits that we don’t have any idea could cause acne breakouts! Better be safe than sorry, so it might be a great choice to make necessary adjustments with our lifestyle to keep our skin flawless and healthy.

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