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Granny Glasses: The Vintage Eyewear Trend is Back

The vintage ambiance has always been a part of fashion industry. From dresses, shoes, jewelry to other fashion accessories, each new fashion season introduces some retro elements. The granny glasses trend has always been there and it’s still going strong. Granny glasses come in different shapes and styles. These may be in turtle-shell shape, round or rectangle shape. Granny glasses were emerged as a strong style statement in 1960’s, especially after the hippie movement. We all have seen John Lennon (the Beatles) and his partners wearing granny glasses in the hippie era.

Even today, those thick and thin rims, in different styles and colors tend to give you a funky and hippy-like look. Many times, celebrities are spotted wearing them some just for style and other for vision correction. As far as style goes, granny glasses are done with formal as casual wear.

Some Top Trends of Granny Glasses in 1960’s

After dominating a whole decade of 60’s, the granny glasses vanished from the fashion world for many years. Till we saw their rise again. People wore them in different interesting styles. Here are a few of them.

  • Glasses done with prescription lenses.
  • They were worn with tinted glasses. The trendiest colors for tinting included; pink and orange.
  • Even some hippies used to wear them without lenses. Yup, just the frame, for getting a boho look.

Famous Celebrities in Vintage-inspired Granny Glasses

Here we have enlisted some famous celebrity looks in retro-style rims to provide inspiration for our viewers.

  •  John Lennon

Let’s start it where it actually began. The Beatles co-founder wore them like his signature style and the world followed him. Even today, when we talk of granny glasses, our list cannot be completed without John Lennon, one of the most iconic personalities of hippie era.

  • Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has got his own style and he is one of those celebrities who pull off a great look in those granny glasses. His style of donning them became immensely popular after his realistic performance in ‘Secret Window’.

  • Jennifer Aniston

The lovable Jennifer Aniston has often been spotted in her flattering turtle-shell shaped granny glasses. Even in her simple look, just like in the image below, she is looking gorgeous. She has opted for a casual style dressing, open hair touching her shoulders, her killing smile and of course those retro rims. They all tend to make her the queen of elegance.

  • Julia Roberts

Whether it’s a formal or casual wear, granny glasses complement each style. Look at the simply ravishing Julia Roberts in the image below. She is looking simple with an added flavor of style in that granny eye wear. [Find here: The 30 best celebrity street style looks of 2016.]

  • Christina Hendricks

The ‘Mad Man’ star Christine is looking fab in that retro-inspired rim. The frame of her granny glasses is complementing her (retro print) outfit. Those long, wavy, red locks have completed the look.

  • Bella Hadid

Carrying an adorable winter look, Bella Hadid was spotted in her stylish grandma glasses. Her black dress, black long boots, a handbag, all are highlighted by a red long jacket. Lastly, that metal-framed glasses have added an antique allure to her look.

  • Elle Fanning

Those orange granny spectacles are showcasing Elle just like someone returning straight from the hippie era. That funky playsuit, a cardigan and of course that satchel style handbag, a combination of it all makes her look like a young fashionista.

  • Kate Winslet

Kate was spotted wearing these wide-rimmed black (matched with her outfit) granny glasses in London, along with her husband. She has successfully made a standout appearance in black suit, white blazer and an attention-getting clutch.

  • Kim Kardashian

Check out this look of Kim Kardashian. Her granny glasses are best paired with a neutral jacket, black pants, a scarf around her neck. She is looking rocking in this stylish winter look.

  • Suki Waterhouse

Can putting on granny glasses add an element of chicness to one’s look? YES! I am not saying that but this image of Suki has proved that. Look how effortlessly, Suki has pulled of a chic look. The elements like faux fur jacket, ripped jeans, a pair of comfy sneakers and lastly those grandma spectacles, all have made her look like a fashion-forward girl.

  • Brad Pitt

Yet another stylish male celebrity of Hollywood, Brad Pitt too has often been spotted with his grandma style glasses on. The image below is one of those stylish looks.

  • Kristen Stewart

Kristine seems to have found her cool accessory in the form of her grandma glasses. A casual T-shirt and jeans, open hair, all give a simple yet trendy look to her.

  • Zooey Deschanel

Those bangs with long hair worn by Zooey Deschanel are best accented with her retro-inspired glasses. In that school-uniform, she has successfully portrayed the character of a stylish school girl. Not just this but in most of the places she has been spotted in granny glasses, and it really suits her face.

  • Emma Watson

That big smile, roughly tied wavy locks, a stylish coat and stunning granny glasses, Emma is looking great in that winter look.

  • Alexa Chung

Check this cozy and comfy look worn by Alexa Chung. She was spotted in that sassy leather jacket fashionably paired with turtleneck top, denim and ankle boots. Above all those metal framed grandma glasses are making her look like a woman of wisdom.

  • Justin Bieber

Hmm!! This very recent click of Bieber created quite a storm on the social media. Braving that spine-chilling weather, Bieber was seen hidden inside a big, cozy, faux and fur jacket.  What got our attention the most, was obviously his granny glasses.

Conclusion: That boho-chic look that these granny glasses promise, is never going to be outdated. Irrespective of place and weather, these are going to add more to your look and style. Even the biggest fashion houses like Gucci are presenting their models walking the ramp in these retro-influenced glasses. To get one of these looks, all you need is to buy your pair of glasses. Not a big deal. What say? [Find here: Picking the best sunglasses for your face shape.]

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