Zebra Prints

Fashion is quirky, we all agree to that. Many a time, can find that clothes made to resemble the patterns we find on the furs of various animals. Yes, we are talking about animal prints, which have been in fashion for long and are not planning to go anywhere anytime sooner. One of the most popular animal prints is that of the African animal, Zebra. Their prints have a distinct pattern of white and black stripes. These patterns make these fabrics so different from other animals. In the fashion industry, fabrics printed with zebra motifs are calling as Zebra printed materials.

One can easily find zebra striped bags, coats, tops and dresses in the market. They are very popular and trendy. Zebra pattern clothes give a very bold look. These monochrome stripes have been on the market for a long time and are season less. The trend of zebra prints never really goes away. It just gets better with time with new creative ideas and better styling.


History of Zebra prints:

The history of animal prints goes back to 18th century, where people had been wearing it to signify wealth and power. In the 18th century, When Europeans colonized Africa and Asia; they used to bring back fabrics with animal stripes. These exquisite patterns then recreated in the European market.


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