Wool is a type of textile fiber that is collected from different types of animals, more commonly from sheep. It actually offers plenty of benefits as compared to other types of fabrics. For one, wool is natural and renewable because every year, the animals, where this textile is collected, grow a new fleece. In addition to that, it has high UV protection and is also flame retardant. Environmentalists love this fabric because of the fact that it is biodegradable as it takes only a short time to decompose. It has become the choice of fabric for many types of clothing because it is non-allergenic, breathable and easy to care for. More than that, it is easy to spin because of its natural scale patterns and crimpiness.


Because of its natural insulating and multi-climactic properties, it has become the preferred fabric for different types of clothing including coats, sweaters, suits and sportswear. It is also perfect for technical and home purposes.

Wool is considered to be the world’s leading animal fiber and is currently being produced in 100 countries all over the world including New Zealand, Russia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Uruguay and many more.


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