Viscose, termed before as rayon or viscose rayon, is considered to be the oldest man-made fabric that is being used until today. This semi-synthetic fiber is created by treating the dissolving pulp with the mixture of carbon dioxide and aqueous sodium hydroxide. The resulting material is then spun into viscose fiber. This type of fabric was invented by the French industrialist and scientist Hilaire de Chardonnet.


The appearance of Viscose resembles silk. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this fabric is also known for its amazing drape capabilities and its rich and vibrant shades. Other benefits of using this type of fabric in clothing include moisture absorbency, breathability, and comfort. It is also considered versatile because this fabric can be easily dyed using vivid colors. It can also be easily mixed with other types of fabrics.

This type of fabric is considered to be one of the soft fabrics in the industry and it is commonly used in the creations of different types of clothing including linings, dresses, shorts, jackets, coats and various kinds of outerwear. Aside from that, it is also a common fabric used for industrial purposes including the manufacture of carpets, upholstery, industrial yarns and cellophane.

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