Tulle is a netting that is manufactured using either silk, rayon or nylon. The term, tulle, was inspired by the city of Tulle in the southern part of France. At the time when it was invented, Tulle was currently the center of silk and lace production.


This fabric was originally used in ballet costumes but because of its characteristics, it has been widely employed in the fashion industry. Due to its lacy or floating appearance, it is perfect for petticoats and underskirts which are two materials that help achieve that bell-shaped image in fancy dresses and gowns. Several layers of tulle are placed underneath the gown skirt to make the dresses look puffed out and bigger. The different types of tulle vary on the drape and material used.

Aside from clothing, tulle is also widely used as wedding decorations. Some of the decorations that it can create include flowers and ribbons. It is also used in birthday parties as a bag that contains the party souvenirs. Lastly, it is also used for insect control in different third world countries.


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