This kind of closure is made up of a wooden peg or a metallic small rod that is enclosed into a loop made of rope, thread, chain or string formed into an eye.

So, basically, the toggle closure works when the wooden peg or metallic rod is inserted into the loop made on the other side so that the bag can be closed. This kind of closure has been used since years and it is an old technique, so, it gives a vintage look to the item.


The toggle closure was often used for providing closure to the heavy fabrics but nowadays the use of this kind of closure has been improvised and it is being used in a variety of items like coats, blazers, bags, necklaces and even in bracelets. Thus, it has become more of a decorative and stylish design than being just a closure.

In bags, often the metallic road or chain is used these days but in the materials like leather or jute, the toggle enclosure used wooden pegs, to keep the classic tough of the bags intact.

Toggle bag closures were designed with hands in the past days and nowadays too, these closures are sometimes sewn with hand, when the rope or wood are used. The opening and closing of this kind of lock is very handy and secure. These are also very easy to put on the bags or coats.

More than one peg and the loop can be used when the enclosure is longer.

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