Tassels are the cluster of strings that are tied with one another and attached to the clothing for the decoration. The dress decoration tassel is very attractive to attach with the dress or wear with the dress. As it comes in a part of accessories. The heavy tassels are used mostly on the wedding dresses or party wear dresses.


The fabulous tassel is mainly used for the decoration of wedding dress or any festal wear. Many of the beautiful tassels are used as sari hanging. Also on the blouse hanging decorative tassels will go up with the dress. Tassels can also be recreated very easily with the help of dye. There are many of the decorative tassels that are used on the part wear tops or dresses that make you look more beautiful. Mostly dress decoration tassels are used in Indian wedding bridal goods. A lot of accessories such as a clutch bag, and also purses can be decorated with a tassel that matches to your dress.

On many of the bridal dresses, the tassels are attached to the dress which completes the need of the jewellers. There are many of the designer blouse dresses are made with the decorative tassels. The hanging tassels just charm up your wedding dresses. They are one of the key holders of the dress. Decorative tassels are also be used for many of the other purposes such as stylish bookmarks, home decoration but the main purpose for which they are used is for the decoration of the dresses that makes you look more pretty and attractive.

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