Suede is a type of leather fabric that has a napped finish. The term came from the French phrase “Gants de Suede” which means “gloves from Sweden.” The leather is produced from the underside of the skin of different types of animals including lamb, goat, calf and deer. The process of making suede does not utilize the tough exterior layer of the skin and that is why the suede fabric is considered to be less durable than the standard leather. But because of its unique characteristics, including thinness, softness, and pliability, it is the leather of choice in creating different types of clothing.


During the earlier years, the suede fabric is originally used for creating women’s gloves. As times goes by, other uses emerged, and it is also utilized in the manufacture of shoes, bags, upholstery and other types of fashion accessories. Another common use of this fabric is it is an underlining for many products that are made from leather. One of the biggest fashion concern of suede is that it tends to absorb water and get dirty quickly because of its open pores and textured surface. Because of this, cleaning and maintenance should be done as per the direction of the manufacturer.


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