In fashion, making a style statement is about everything that’s unique and noticeable about a person, be it dressing or accessorizing. That which becomes a trend, it could be a tattoo, styling of one’s hair, a swim suit, a pair of glasses, a piercing, a jacket, a bag, it could be anything that’s labelled stylish and exceptional in individual’s choice in fashion.


The late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s style continues to make a powerful style statement even today with her hairdo, small structured handbags, pearl studs, and pussy bow blouses of yesteryears. Yves Saint Laurent, the founder of top-notch designer brand Saint Laurent had rightly said, ‘Fashions fade, style is eternal.’ The popular talk show host Ellen DeGeneres whose style became so popular she started her own clothing line of formals and casuals, watches, shoes, and she is also the brand ambassador of “Cover Girl” at the age of fifty-eight! Her style is feminine with a hint of masculinity.

‘Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world’, said Marilyn Monroe. It is fascinating how style statements speak of one’s personality be it the powerful and authoritative style of Hillary Clinton or the cool and tasteful style of singing sensation Justin Bieber. Even in sports some players have made their style evident on and off the field. Former world tennis champion Anna Kournikova was always deemed stylish on her red carpet appearances. However, one common trait amongst all is the right attitude, that’s the key to making a style statement.


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