The retro closures for handbags, shoulder bags and many other kinds of bags include a collection of closures that give the bags, a retro and classic look. These closure designs add to the vintage look of the bags, especially the leather bags. These often include metal, wood, leather loops, threads, strings or buttons. The color of material used here is metallic, wooden or rustic to keep the retro feel and look.

The retro bag closure includes the closure with a lobster clasp, a kiss lock, toggle or even a fold over flap. Any one of these closures can be used to give a retro feel and look to the bag.


The retro bags are very much in style and the look of a leather bag is only completed with a retro closure. The modern styled closures don’t work as well with the retro bags, as the retro closures do. A combination of the above said locks and buttons can also be used for the retro closure.

Most of the times, the toggle or kiss lock are often used for more retro feel as these kind of closures belong to the old times and these indeed give the retro look to the bags. Along with providing the desired look and style to the bags, the retro closures also make your belongings secure inside your bag by providing security and safety.

These kinds of closures are also very easy to handle and use, and thus, along with being stylish and retro, they add to the features of your bag.


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