Structural Cut/Structured

Structured dresses also referred to as or Geometrical dresses are innovatively designed to suit and define a woman’s body frame to perfection. These are out of the box styles designed with the best of techniques and creativity. The scope for experimenting in structured dresses seems endless. There is no history to structured dresses just limitless inspiration and combination of necklines, sleeves, hemlines, layering and colors.


This dress style is not suited for all body types as each design is unique in itself and an embodiment of perfect cuts and seams, designed to embrace a perfect body frame. This is a contemporary dress style years ahead of its time which also reflects in its pricing. Although various vendors showcase this dress style in their catalogs, few meet the standards of perfection this dress style demands.

Dress styles available in structural cuts are similar to regular one but limited to dresses, skirts, and gowns. Structured dresses are elite with black, white, and red being the most commonly incorporated colors in this dress style. A minimalist approach on accessories only enhances the overall appeal of this dress style. These dresses have a touch of vintage charisma, accentuating every detail that goes into making these dresses. No single style bears a resemblance to another, which makes this dress style even more endearing. Striped, off-shoulder, lacy, embellished, pleated, a combination of most or all of these in one dress is what makes this a contemporary style.


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