Square Neckline

Square neckline is a wide and low-cut square frame on a variety of woman’s dresses such as tops, shirts, T-shirts, crop tops, camis, wedding gowns, and more. This neckline comprises 3 edges, the horizontal edge at the base and joined to two vertical edges one on either shoulder. Whether or not a square neck suits a woman’s body frame depends on what type of sleeves and bodices it is paired with. Square necklines were worn by women in the 18th and 19th century; popularly known as regency gowns, square necklines were quite in vogue in the regency era.


This type of neckline creates an illusion of a slender neck and broader shoulders in those having a short neck. Since this neckline emphasizes the bust of a woman, padded support works wonders in enhancing the look. This is the popular choice of neckline among busty women. A slightly modified version of square necklines is slot necklines, which is as low-cut as a normal square neck but narrower. The vertical edges are closer to the neck.

A square neckline goes well for both casual and formal ensembles and the choice of fabric is important. It can be teamed up with chic neckpieces, although keeping it minimal is the key. A very popular neckline in wedding gowns, square neckline bridal dresses fashioned in white and rose gold colors look extremely elegant on a woman.


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