Spandex, also commonly called as Elastane, is a type of synthetic fiber that is well known for its unparalleled elasticity. In fact, its other popular name, Spandex, is an anagram for the term“expands”. In 1958, chemist Joseph Shivers from the Benger Laboratory in Virginia was able to develop and invent this polyurethane-polyester copolymer. This revolutionary invention was introduced in 1962 and the clothing industry has never been the same since then.


In addition to its elasticity and strength, this fiber is also known for its ability to retain its normal shape and size after it has been stretched. Another notable feature of this type of fiber is that it dries faster as compared to the other fabrics used in the clothing industry. Because of all of its benefits and features, it is widely used in the production and creation of different types of clothing including swimwears, wetsuits, activewear, bra straps, belts, and tights. When it comes to the production of clothing, lycra is usually mixed with other types of fabrics including polyester and cotton. It is also used in the manufacture of compression and shaped garments.


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