Many find skater dress identical with A-line dresses but they have unique differences. A-line dresses come to full length while skaters dresses are shorter, just the way worn by skaters and that may be probable reason the dress got its name. The Silhouette skater dress style was popularized by fashion designer Azzedine Alaia.


Many feel that often donning traditional A-line dress gives a matronly feel and a change can be made by flaunting skater dress. There a number of cool skater pattern trendy in modern era leaving a wide option to try out the style as suits.

Silhouette skater dresses are considered absolute perfect styling dress for pear shaped bodies. The dress can be made in numerous lengths using variety of fabrics using add-on of other fashion stitching material. Liked by all age groups, the style suits best for of all age and shape bodies. However you should avoid getting skaters made from cotton as this just clings to heaps leaving you uncomfortable.

You can combine style with comfort effortlessly, as this dress tuck in at mid waist and then blow outwards from body thus giving perfect hourglass look. There are huge options to wear skaters with style like, solid skaters made of colors in polyester, siphon material stitched skaters, skaters stitched using silk and other materials and silhouette skaters made from modern day fabrics. You can also look perfect by wearing this dress at wedding occasions.

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