Silk Satin

Silk Satin, or more commonly known as Charmeuse, is a luxury textile that is made from silk and features a satin finish. This fabric is manufactured by deriving silk from worms, and it is finished off with a satin weaving. It is woven in a manner wherein only the warp threads show in the fabric. Due to its weaving process, the resulting blend has become smoother and glossy on the front part and matte and rough at the back part.


Because the fabric tends to be slippery, working with this type of fabric is quite difficult. When it is used by experts the right way, they can create dressy garments that feel and look luxurious. This is because of its ability to flow well in the body and drape amazingly on the floor.

There are times when the cotton fabric is blended with silk-satin to tone down its gloss. The resulting blend of fabric is perfect for the production of luxurious beddings and robes. It can also be used as a garment lining in dresses.

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