Silk Blend

Silk blend is a combination of natural silk fibers and other types of fabrics, such as cashmere, cotton, linen, and wool. The blend is created so that fashion designers can enjoy the amazing drape abilities and shine of silk without having to deal with its delicate texture and high price.


The silk-cashmere blend retained the soft and lightweight characteristics of wool and the warm and scratch-resistance properties of cashmere. On the other hand, the silk-cotton blend is much more durable but much heavier and less slippery than silk. However, this type of silk blend offers a more superior texture and strength than cotton. The silk-linen blend provides a more improved feel and drape abilities than the pure cotton linen. Lastly, the wool silk blend has greater absorbency and breathability than silk. Thanks to the addition of wool, it has also been resistant to wrinkling and dirt and offers a high level of UV light protection.


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