Satin is a type of weave with a glossy finish on the top surface and a dull texture at the back portion. This kind of weave is achieved by floating four or more weft over warp then vice versa. Because of the high amounts of floats in the fabric, the satin weave gives off high luster and shine.


During the Middle Ages, satin was originally made of silk, but because this type of production was too expensive, it can only be used by the elite people. But nowadays, other types of fabric are used to create such weave, and these include wool and cotton. Other types of synthetic fabric, like acetate and polyester, can be employed for this type of weave.

Because of its high luster, satin is used to add a touch of elegance to different kinds of clothing in the fashion industry including evening gowns, formal dresses, bridal gowns, and lingerie. It is also used in the production of neck ties and the ballet pointe shoes. In the home industry, it is perfect for creating luxurious bed sheets, blankets, and robes.

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