Ribbing is typically a knitting pattern, a striped rib-like design for adding extra stretch to a knitted fabric. This pattern has been recreated in non-woven dress styles as well. Ribbing can make a woven fabric curlier and look the same from both sides, which is why it is used in making knitted scarves for men and women. Ribbed turtleneck T-shirts are popular among men.


Ribbing is also incorporated in sweaters, hems of sweaters, ponchos, mini dresses, cuffs, waistbands, and T-shirt necklines among others. In nonwoven clothes, ribbing is usually done on dress edges to make them fit perfectly for a well-defined look and at the same time provide elasticity.

In knitting, the ribbing technique involves knit and purl striped vertical patterns. The variation in knits and purls determine the elasticity of the woven pattern. A 1×1 knit and purl stitch is more elastic compared to a 2×2 knit and purl stitch, in Ribbing. The alternating knit and purl stitches is what gives the ribbed patterns its unique striated look.

The style is a hit with the likes of Kate Middleton who sported a full Length off shoulder white ribbed dress in London while attending the Art Fund Museum of the Year ceremony in July 2016. White seems to be the color of choice in ribbed dresses. Runway Model Bella Hadid recently donned a knee-length white ribbed cameo dress while in LA with a cool pair of sneakers. Singing sensation Rihanna was spotted wearing a halter neck white ribbed dress with a side cut on at a recent event in Prague.


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