Reversible dresses are tailored to be worn both, regularly and inside out. This dress style is common among toddlers, babies, and girls. Also known as convertible dresses, these types are dresses are touted to be convenient for travel and work. These dresses are easy-to-wear, and designed differently on either side not just in terms of color but also patterns and length. Dresses and Skirts are among the common styles in reversible dresses.

Wrap up dresses are the most convenient of patterns when designing a reversible dress as the pattern is simple, as seen in wrap up blouses, wrap up sweaters and skirts. Buttons are used for closures over zippers in reversible dress styles for their obvious ease-of-use well suited for this pattern. Dolman sleeves, Kimono sleeves, and Raglan sleeves are well suited for this dress style.


Light-weight materials are often the fabrics of choice for reversible dress styles as these patterns are less bulky and simpler. Knitted dresses are easier to make in reversible dress styles; however designers can choose to make reversible knit patterns with single or multiple types of fibers. These fibers usually have the same stretch and weigh similar to enable easy execution of design while sewing a pattern.

This dress style, however, limits the use of layering on the bodice and the scope for detailing in terms of sleeves, frills, and seams is limited. Pockets are sewn on either sides to bring out variations and very common among toddler and baby clothes. Even with all the limitations and challenges, a variety of designs have made their into the reversible dresses arena.

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