Rayon is most probably one of the most controversial fabrics that are being used in the fashion industry today. This is not considered as an artificial fiber by many because it is collected from cellulose that occurs naturally in the environment. However, it is not a natural fiber because the cellulose has to undergo extensive processing before it becomes rayon. Because of this, the fabric is called as regenerative cellulose and is therefore classified as a type of manufactured fiber.


It is the oldest manufactured fiber as its production started during the 1880’s. In 1920, the Dupont company was able to buy the rights to its manufacturing process, and that is when the fabric rose to fame. Many fashion designers love this fabric because of its fantastic drape, dye fastness, high absorbency and its ability to age well. On the other hand, the consumers adore the fabric because of its low price.

Rayon is widely used in the manufacture of different types of clothing including skirts and shirts and it is available in the knitted and woven forms. It is also a great alternative to silk and can be used in the creation of evening gowns and dresses.


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