Printed Stretch

Stretch fabrics produced by using printed synthetic fabrics are printed stretch fabrics. The stretch fabric will be stretchable in 2-way or 4-way.

Printed stretch is very popular these days. Ultra-soft and incredibly smooth, printed stretch finds large application in making of leggings, jeggings, T-shirts, and jerseys. Stretch clothes are manufacturing from various fabrics including rayon, nylon, cotton, etc. It comes in various options including check print, floral designs, polka dots, digital print, lines, graphic designs and much more. You can choose from wide variety depending on the occasion you wish to wear it.


Materials using for manufacturing:

Synthetic fabric is using to manufacture stretch fabric, and the fabric will be stretchable in 2 way or 4 way. The two-way stretch fabric is stretchable only towards one direction. The standard stretch action will be from selvedge to selvedge, and the four-way stretch fabric will be stretchable in lengthwise, widthwise and crosswise.

Origin and Usage:

Stretch fabric invented in 1958 and entered into the fashion industry in 1980. During those times it was extensively using for making women’s bras and swimsuits. By 1990, it consolidated its position in the fashion industry as an inevitable fabric in sportswear. Today, apart from sportswear, stretch fabrics are using to make daily wear and casual wear.

Printed stretch fabrics are comfortable and smooth on the body. It stretches easily as per your body shape and does not make you feel like tightly tied. You can wear it all day long, and you will never feel any uneasiness. It is one of the best fabrics suitable for wearing at home or work.


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