Polycarbonate is a category of very sturdy and transparent thermoplastic resin which is widely used in laminates, mouldings etc. In a more scientific manner, Polycarbonate can be described as a cluster of thermoplastic polymers that consist of the chemical structures of carbonate groups. These are used in engineering for a variety of purposes, because of their features like being robust and tough, and also, being transparent. The reason why Polycarbonates are used in engineering is because they are easy to mold and thermoform. Thus, they are used for a variety of applications.


Two more characteristics that make Polycarbonate a very significant engineering material are – impact resistance and scratch resistance. This is the reason why there is a hard coating of Polycarbonate on the components of exterior automotive and on the eyewear lenses. Also, this material is a very durable one and it even stands through extreme temperature. Polycarbonate is extremely transparent and the light transmission in Polycarbonate is better than many types of glass.


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