Plastic is a material made up of the organic compounds which are either synthetic or semi-synthetic in nature and can be transformed into solid items. Plastic consists of the organic polymers which have high molecular masses, along with many other substances. Although plastic is considered natural but these are also part synthetic as they are produced from the petrochemicals.


The material plastic is very low in cost and is very easy to manufacture. Along with this, plastic is also very versatile in nature and is also water resistant thus it has been used in the manufacture of a great variety of items ranging from a small plastic bag to a large vehicle.

Plastic has seen to be replacing a number of other material used in the previous times like stone, horn, wood, bones, paper, leather, glass etc. the use of these materials have been replaced by the use of plastic. The use of plastic has been seen in the industries like construction, building, electronics, packaging, transportation and even in aerospace.


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